0.5 Carat Diamonds

Half-carat diamonds are among our most popular, commonly used in engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. They make a dazzling statement without breaking your budget. This size comes in a traditional round cut, as well as all nine of our fancy shapes. Maximise the brilliance of your 0.5-carat diamond by choosing an ideal or Astor cut.


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FAQs About Half Carat Diamonds

A carat is a unit of measurement that refers to the weight of a diamond. The carat of the diamond affects the price of the diamond more than any other of the 4Cs.

The cost of any diamond is based on a number of factors, including carat, cut, colour, and clarity. Depending on these factors, a half-carat diamond value can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Because a carat is a measurement of weight, not size, a half-carat diamond size varies based on the cut of the diamond. For a round cut, a 0.5 carat diamond averages 5.1mm in diameter.

The two best ways to make a diamond appear larger than its actual carat weight are with the diamond’s cut and setting. A thin, delicate setting will make the diamond seem larger in perspective. Featuring the diamond in a halo setting is another way to make a diamond appear larger.

Top 0.5 Carat Diamond Reviews

.5 carat round diamond review

Perfect balance of size and sparkle

The half carat is the perfect balance of diamonds and width. Lots of classy sparkles without being garish.
Ross G. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Platinum (1/3 ct. tw.)

MOP 16,100.00

A woman in a white dress wearing a yellow gold engagement ring.

I was floored!

I love it. It is beautiful. I have large hands for a female, but because we purchased a high quality diamond, the .5 carats looks huge! I am one who prefers quality of quantity when it comes to fine jewellery. My sister noticed it without me saying anything because of the brilliance due to the cut. When I upgrade to a larger diamond it will definitely be with Blue Nile.
Deshannon - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Classic Four-Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring
14k White Gold

MOP 3,160.00

A closeup of a hand that is wearing multiple sizes of oval diamonds.

She stares at it constantly!

Not only was the whole online process easy, shipping and delivery ran smoothly too. As for her, she LOVES the ring! I agree with some other comments. The 360 view is really nice but in person it looks even better. My diamond was only .5 carats but it looks to be the perfect size for this ring. Not too big and not too small.
Jaison - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Petite Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
14k White Gold (1/4 ct. tw.)

MOP 12,050.00


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