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Bracelets: Education & Buying Tips

A bracelet is one jewellery item she will see all the time, so she can appreciate it often. She also enjoys the feeling of it on her wrist reminding her of you.

Some bracelets are available in different lengths. So before you purchase, be sure to measure one of her other bracelets to be sure she doesn't need a special length.

Bracelets are usually worn on occasions when she isn't working with her hands. Even when not working, a bracelet's proximity to the hands causes it to get bumped and banged, so it must be very durable. Jewellery designers take this into account, so you can be sure the bracelet you choose will last.


This is the classic bracelet. You''ll find a variety of chain designs, like the traditional round-link rolo or wheat chain, in a variety of metals like sterling silver, 18k gold, and platinum.


A pearl bracelet is a traditional piece of jewellery. It adds a dressy touch to anything she wears, from jeans to a cocktail dress. Or she can formalise the look with a matching pearl necklace and earrings.


A bangle bracelet can be worn by itself for a simple look, or can be combined with several other bangles. Bangles draw the eye with metallic shine, and several bangles clinking together make a pleasant sound.

Chain Types

Bead Byzantine and Cable Chain
Mesh Rolo and Rope Chain
Snake Box and Wheat Chain

View these bracelets for a gift to fit your budget: