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Top Ten Pearl Jewellery

Our list of top ten best selling pearl jewellery is a sea of luminous cultured and freshwater treasures. Plucked from the glistening shores of Tahiti and the hidden bays of Japan, our gemmologists ensure all of our pearls meet the highest quality standards.

FAQs about Top Ten Pearl Jewellery

Pearls can be man-made or formed naturally. Natural pearls form entirely without human intervention, making them incredibly rare and considerably more valuable than cultured pearls. Cultured pearls form inside the body of a mollusc. However, technicians help the process along by inserting a man-made irritant to stimulate the creation of nacre. The resulting gemstone is far more affordable and is as authentic and beautiful as a natural pearl. The majority of pearls on the market today are of the cultivated variety.

Akoya pearls are high-quality pearls formed inside the world’s smallest pearl-bearing saltwater oyster, and were the first type to be successfully cultivated in 1920’s Japan. They are round and symmetrical, and adored for their lustrous glow and rich, white hue.

Freshwater pearls are usually more durable than saltwater pearls, making them more suitable for regular wear.

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