Marquise Cut Diamonds

The length of Marquise cut diamonds makes fingers appear long and slender. And, unlike round, it has non-standardized proportions so you can choose the look you like and what flatters you most.


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FAQs About Marquise Cut Diamonds

Though it's one of the rarest fancy cuts, the shape maximizes carat weight, giving you a much larger-looking diamond for your dollar. The ability of Marquise-shaped diamonds to look large for their carat weight makes them popular for anyone on a strict budget.

Another aspect that affects the price is the "bow-tie effect", a darkened area across its middle. The amount of darkness, however, varies so look for a diamond with a minimal bow tie to maximise light performance and your investment.

Marquise hides inclusions well. Save on a lower clarity grade and you'll get an eye-clean diamond for less.

The shape was created in the 1700s when King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweller to design a cut in the shape of his mistress's lips.

Top Marquise Cut Diamond Reviews

Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring that was reviewed by Arthur S.

The best engagement ring when your only 24

This xmas I am getting a great dane puppy, 100 roses and I am going to propose to her with this amazing marquise ring in a white gold cathedral setting from Blue Nile. When I received it in the mail and saw it, I knew it lived up to my expectations. She is for life and so is the ring. Thank you Blue Nile!
Arthur S. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring

14k White Gold

HUF 176,790

A woman smiling while her face is being held by her significant other.


Unbelievable quality and definitely has the wow factor. I bought this ring with a marquise diamond and my now fiancé is very happy. Would definitely recommend blue Nile. Also if living in the uk no import fees are added due to their base in Ireland.
Daniel K. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Classic Comfort Fit Solitaire Engagement Ring

Platinum (2.5mm)

HUF 352,720

A hand holding multiple diamonds in the palm.

She was not expecting such beauty

The marquise cut was a beautiful shape and makes my finger look slimmer and the diamond looks exquisite, the graduated size Stone compliments the marquise cut making it shine everytime light hits it in a beautiful way, wife approved
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Graduated Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

14k White Gold (0.41 ct. tw.)

HUF 688,900

A woman covering her mouth while laughing showing her engagement ring.

Beautiful but not gaudy

It's a beautiful ring and the .71 carat marquise diamond was the perfect size for the ring. I wouldn't recommend going any larger than 3/4 carat as .5 to .75 is just right. My fiance says it's very comfortable and just perfect all around.
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring

14k White Gold (0.06 ct. tw.)

HUF 239,355

now: HUF 186,015

A marquise cut diamond on a blue background.

I love it!

I love it! The pave setting does not take away from the marquise!
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars

Marquise Cut Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


HUF 742,470


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