Diamond Wedding Rings

Pairing a diamond engagement ring with a diamond wedding ring is a classic look—one that will never go out of style.

The Difference Between Anniversary and Eternity Rings

While the two may look similar as you gaze down at your finger, the diamonds on an anniversary ring wrap partway around the shank, while they completely encircle the shank on eternity rings.

Both are great choices for pairing with engagement rings and make excellent anniversary and "just because" gifts.
Exploring Shank Options

Rings with stones embellishing the shank come in a variety of styles. The main difference between them lies in how the smaller stones are mounted.

Stones embedded in the shank between two parallel metal walls creating a channel.
Shared Prong
Small prongs shared by an adjacent stone.
Stones held in place by two metal bars perpendicular to the shank.
A pattern of closely set stones held in place by small, delicate metal beads.
A circular setting with a rim that completely surrounds the girdle of the stone.
Inlayed stones set flush with the shank.
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Understanding Metals

Take color preference and budget into consideration when choosing the right metal for your ring.


Referred to as a Noble metal due to its superior ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation, platinum is a naturally white metal that develops a lovely patina over time that can be buffed back to a shine if desired.


Most commonly yellow, gold can also be white or rose-colored when mixed with different alloys. White gold is electroplated with rhodium, an extremely strong metal that helps maintain the white tone.

In Summary

Diamond wedding rings come in a variety of shank setting options, including channel, shared prong, bar, pavé, bezel, and flush mount.

Anniversary and eternity rings look similar when viewed from above while gazing down at your finger. The main difference is that the diamonds on eternity rings go all the way around the ring, while they only go partway around an anniversary ring.

Diamond wedding rings are typically set in platinum and yellow, rose, and white gold.