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GIA Diamond Dossier

A Diamond Dossier®, issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), presents a report of the characteristics of your diamond that is signed by the most respected experts in the industry. Diamond Dossiers are digital and used for natural diamonds up to 1.99, and Lab Grown Dossiers are used for all lab grown diamonds. 

GIA Diamond Dossier®

The GIA set the standard for diamond grading and gemological identification, and their grading system serves as the international gem and jewelry industry's benchmark credentials.

This dossier describes the following: 

Laser Inscription Registry: Each diamond with a GIA Diamond Dossier is laser inscribed with the report number. 

Shape and Cutting Style: Description of diamond shape and cutting style. 

Measurement: Diamond dimensions. 

Weight: Weight of diamond listed to the nearest hundredth of a carat. 

Depth: Depth (for round diamonds) and/or width (for fancy shapes) relative to diameter. 

Table: Table facet (for round diamonds) and/or width (for fancy shapes) relative to diameter. 

Girdle: Range of girdle thickness. 

Culet: Appearance of culet facet. 

Finish: Grades of polish and symmetry. 

Clarity: Clarity grade determined under 10x magnification. 

Color: Grade of color. 

Fluorescence: Color, and strength of color when diamond is viewed under UV light. 

Comments: Description of additional diamond characteristics not mentioned in the report.

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