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14k White Gold Princess Cut Floating Halo Engagement Ring

Quick Ring Buying Tips

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Engagement Rings
Ring Icon A Matter of Style

Hone in on your intended’s personal taste to discern a ring style direction, but you can’t go wrong with a classic and elegant four-claw solitaire with a round diamond.

Halo Icon Try Halo

If your budget can only accommodate a smaller diamond, choosing a halo setting is a great way to make the stone appear larger.

Diamond Shapes Shape Shifting

Fancy shapes such as marquise, oval, and pear also tend to appear larger than their carat weight and tend to cost less per carat, making them an excellent way to maximise your budget.

Wedding Rings
Platinum Metal Icon How Hard is It?

Platinum is an excellent option for wedding rings because of its strength and durability. It also keeps its white colour where as white gold may need to be re-plated over time.

Metals Icon Exploring the Options

Contemporary metals such as cobalt and tungsten are great alternatives to traditional metals and tend to cost less.

Mix and Match Metals Icon Mix or Match?

Some people prefer a matching wedding set, while others like to mix it up, choosing rings in different metals, or in a different, but complementary, style.

Consider Lifestyle
Maintenance Icon Due Diligence

People tend to wear their wedding jewellery more than any other jewellery. Diligent maintenance, that is, making sure the diamonds are securely set every 6 to 12 months, is paramount.

Ring Height Icon Height Matters

Consider the shape and height of the shank and head of the engagement ring when pairing it with a wedding ring. Wear and tear can occur if the two rub together excessively.

Comfort Fit Icon Keep Comfortable

Those for whom wearing a ring is a new experience may appreciate a comfort fit rings, where the inner surface slightly rounded.

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