Affiliate Commission Schedule

Please note that commission is calculated on the first equivalent of $7,500 USD (as calculated by Commission Junction) of each individual order.

  • 30-Day Cookie — A 30-day cookie is created and can be stored on each visitor's PC that comes from your site, ensuring that you will be properly rewarded for purchases made after his or her initial visit.
  • Phone Orders Included — You will even get credit when your visitor calls Blue Nile to order. Our cookie tracking system gives them a unique reference number that we request when they call.
  • Compensation — Fees and commissions are paid monthly. Payments are net of any customer returns, all shipping and handling fees, and taxes and duties.
  • Exclusions — You will not be eligible for a Referral Fee or Commission if a party comes to Blue Nile through your Web site but purchases using a "Promotion Code" or "discount code" that discounts their purchase, unless the code is provided to you directly from the Blue Nile Affiliate Manager or is obtained through your Blue Nile affiliate program participation in the Impact Radius Network.