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The cushion cut has rounded corners and larger facets. It has more fire (rainbow-coloured flashes of light) than any other cut. Length/width ratios range in this cut from perfectly square to rectangular to suit your style. Cushion cut diamonds can also have a vintage feel when paired with the right details.


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FAQs About Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushions come in two styles of cut. The traditional cut exhibits large, distinct facets that reflect light in bold flashes. The "crushed ice" cut gives you less distinct facets but a beautiful, glittery sparkle. Either style is just as versatile as round and works well with almost any setting.

Because of its large facets, cushion-cut diamonds are also an extraordinary value. They are one of our least expensive cuts, sometimes well over 25% less than a round. The cut is relatively deep, which makes the diamond look smaller than most shapes, so you may want to opt for a larger carat weight.

The cut is relatively deep, so it looks smaller than other shapes of similar carat weight. If you are considering a cushion cut diamond you might want to consider selecting a higher carat weight diamond.

Cushion-cut is our third most popular for engagement rings.

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