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Near colourless diamonds from Blue Nile are a great choice for beauty at a great value. They are graded G through J, and their colour characteristics are so subtle, you won't be able to easily see them with the naked eye. These diamonds provide excellent quality for the price point to maximise your budget. As you shop for near colourless diamonds, prioritize the cut grade to enjoy the most brilliance.


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FAQs about Near Colourless Diamonds

Near colourless diamonds are those that do have some colour, but it is so slight that it's not easily discernible to the naked eye.

Colourless diamonds (D, E, and F diamonds) exhibit an absence of colour. Near-colourless diamonds contain small traces of colour, but you can’t see the colour very easily with the naked eye.

This colour category includes G, H, I, and J colour grade diamonds. It is the second of the three colour categories offered at Blue Nile.

A near colourless diamond is a more budget-friendly choice than a colourless diamond, but the colour these stones contain is so minor, it typically can't be seen by the eye unless it’s right next to another diamond of a higher colour grade.

The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) provides a grading report for every diamond sold at Blue Nile. This contains the grade for all of the 4Cs, along with a host of other diamond characteristics.

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