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Enjoy near-colourless beauty by shopping for I colour grade diamonds. These diamonds offer a great quality for the price, and the colour is not discernible to the eye unless viewed in direct comparison with diamonds of a higher colour grade. An I colour grade diamond is a versatile choice, because white metals will make them look icier, while yellow metals enhance their warm look.


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FAQs about I Colour Diamonds

Colour grade I diamonds have a slight yellow hue that puts them within the near colourless category.

I coloured diamonds are near colourless. Try pairing one with a white gold or platinum setting to enjoy an icier look.

Yes. The larger the diamond, the more visible any faint colour will be, especially in certain cuts. If you are shopping for diamonds of one-carat weight or larger, look for H colour grade diamonds or higher.

Blue Nile offers eight colour grades within three categories: colourless, near colourless, and faint colour. I colour grade diamonds are the third-highest grade within the near colourless category.

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