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Shop for G colour diamonds from Blue Nile, and balance beauty with budget. These near-colourless diamonds have traces of colour, but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at it with the naked eye. The highest of the near-colourless grades, G colour diamonds account for 18 percent of the diamonds sold at Blue Nile.


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FAQs about G Colour Diamonds

If you were to compare a G colour diamond with a diamond of a higher colour grade, you would be able to tell the difference, but if you are looking at the diamond alone, it will appear bright and white to the eye.

Blue Nile carries eight colour grades that fall within three categories: colourless, near colourless, and faint colour. G-grade diamonds are the highest colour grade within the near colourless category and the fourth-best colour grade overall.

Because the hue of a G coloured diamond is not discernible to the eye, G colour diamonds are considered an incredible value for the quality of the stone. When designing your engagement ring, choose a white gold or platinum setting to keep the stone looking bright.

Shopping for a diamond really comes down to balancing budget with beauty. Blue Nile recommends shopping for an H colour grade diamond or higher if the diamond is one-carat weight or larger—although there are no rules when it comes to shopping colour grades.

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