Jewelry Styling

Photo of a woman wearing quiet luxury jewelry including gold hoop earrings and a gold necklace.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

All About Quiet Luxury Jewelry

This jewelry trend brings timeless looks and high-quality designs. Learn more about how to find and style your own quiet luxury pieces.

Photo of a woman’s hands; she is wearing five chunky rings with gemstones and diamonds.
Fashion & Style

How to Buy and Style Chunky Rings

Trendy and eye-catching chunky rings complete any jewelry look. Learn more about how to buy and style these pieces in gold or silver.

Six minimalist necklaces including pendants and station necklaces.
Fashion & Style

Jewelry Trends: Minimalism

Less is more when it comes to subtle minimalist jewelry. Learn more about this trend and how to style your own pieces for an elegant look.

Five gemstone and diamond cocktail rings including designs with sapphire, emerald and amethyst. 
Fashion & Style

Cheers to Trendy Cocktail Rings

This classic jewelry was made to stand out. Learn more about the history of these rings, discover popular pieces and get tips for styling your selections.

East west setting engagement rings in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold with various diamond shapes.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

Mapping Out East West Ring Settings

Trendy east west rings are popular choices for unique engagement styles. Learn more about this look and other jewelry that can feature these settings.

Profile of a smiling woman, she is wearing a maximalist jewelry style with multiple earrings, rings and necklaces.
Fashion & Style

Jewelry Trends: Maximalism

Eye-catching, bold and expressive maximalist jewelry is a trend anyone can enjoy. Get tips for picking and wearing stylish jewels that match this popular aesthetic.

Heart-shaped diamond signet ring in yellow gold.
Fashion & Style

How to Style Signet Rings

This classic jewelry was once worn by nobility, but everyone can enjoy signet rings today. Learn more about how to wear this popular ring, with traditional pinky styles and other looks.

Woman in a red dress wearing statement earrings and a diamond necklace.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

The Anatomy of Statement Jewelry

Showcase your personal style with eye-catching statement jewelry. Learn more about what sets these pieces apart.

Sitting woman smiling with diamond jewelry on.
Fashion & Style

Building An Everyday Jewelry Wardrobe

Whether you’re building a new jewelry wardrobe or you’re expanding your jewelry collection, there are staples that work for daily wear. Get the list here.