Our Favorite Reimagined Trendy Jewelry Styles

When it comes to jewelry trends, many styles have seen revivals over the years. Gold chains, for example, rose to popularity in the 70s and 80s and have seen a resurgence in recent years. Other styles, such as round cut diamonds, have been in demand for decades. Trendy jewelry can include new designs or these and many other classics that are seeing new popularity. We’re taking a look at some of our favorite styles seeing revivals as trendy jewelry styles in 2023 and beyond.

Retro Jewelry Making a Comeback in 2023

Vintage and retro pieces from the 1970s to 80s have been growing in popularity lately with rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces all having trendy styles that bring retro jewelry to fashionable looks. With many different decades, materials and style motifs to choose from, there are plenty of retro jewelry trends to wear. Here are some of our favorite 70s and 80s jewelry trends making recent comebacks.

One retro jewelry trend with serious staying power sits right on your ears. Hoop earrings have been worn by people from many different cultures and ages, with hoops reflecting synonymous 1970s style. Throughout the years, hoops have evolved into many different styles, sizes and materials. Larger hoops in metals such as gold can serve as retro classic styles that are still trendy today.

Nameplate necklaces are another vintage jewelry style that’s seen a resurgence in recent years. This style saw initial demand in the 1980s and then saw a revival in the late 1990s when TV shows popularized the fashion further. Today, you can choose classic cursive-style nameplates or more modern bar necklaces with name engravings.

Chunky bold gold jewelry styles were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, with a revival of these rich yellow gold styles today. Think attention-grabbing gold cuff bracelets, thick gold chains and chunky gold rings. When worn together, multiple standout gold styles can create a unique retro-inspired trendy jewelry look.

Meaningful jewelry is another trend that’s been around for centuries with incredible staying power. Most recently, meaningful jewelry has made its way into popularity through charm bracelets during the 1950s and 1960s. Today, meaningful jewelry has seen a revival in symbolic or engraved styles. If you’d like to get into the meaningful symbolic jewelry trend, consider choosing pieces that represent special people or moments in your life. Birthstone jewelry is a great choice for modern takes on meaningful jewelry. For a more direct symbolic take, consider engraved jewelry or lockets.

New Revivals of Y2K Jewelry

Retro chic jewelry styles aren’t reserved just for the 70s, 80s and 90s. Many looks from the early 2000s are starting to grow in popularity with today’s styles. Velour tracksuits aren’t the only early 2000s fashion trend seeing a comeback in recent years. Y2K jewelry styles are also seeing a resurgence among nostalgic millennials and Gen Z jewelry fanatics. Think plastic gumball styles, colorful gems, funky shapes and youthful takes on jewelry. The biggest trend in Y2K jewelry is having fun with it.

Chokers are a popular style that’s come back from Y2K jewelry obscurity. Perfect when layering necklaces or worn all alone, a choker is a great retro jewelry trend. Beaded chokers are a popular choice for Y2K jewelry looks. Some choker styles may feel a bit more 90s, but designs in plain metal can also match the futuristic looks of Y2K fashion.

In the Y2K spirit of fun, colorful jewelry is one of the biggest staples of this Gen Z trendy jewelry motif. For more casual wear, people often look for pieces made from plastic or resin to bring cartoonish hues. If you’re looking to bring the colorful Y2K jewelry look in fine jewelry with staying power, consider choosing pieces with gemstones. Jewelry such as gemstone bracelets can bring those early 2000s colorful vibes in long-lasting metals such as gold and silver.

Dainty pearl necklaces are seeing increased popularity with millennial and Gen Z style icons including Harry Styles and Billie Eilish wearing their own takes on this classic look. For Y2K looks on this jewelry style, consider a chunky necklace with mismatched pearls.

With fun at the backbone of Y2K jewelry trends, there’s no wrong way to add retro-inspired pieces to your jewelry wardrobe as long as you’re having fun with it! Consider harkening back to butterfly hairclips with an updated take by wearing a butterfly pendant. Or, treat yourself to a pair of diamond flower earrings for a grown up modernization of stick on earrings.

For a pop-punk take on the Y2K jewelry trends making a comeback, you can mix and match pieces that call back to Sk8er Boi vibes when they’re paired together. Choose items such as a black diamond ring, a stackable pyramid satin finish ring, rose gold pyramid stud earrings or a silver chain necklace.

Whether you’re opting for brighter Y2K jewelry styles or you’re looking to bring pieces that echo 2000s pop-punk energy into your jewelry wardrobe, this jewelry trend is all about having fun with it! Y2K retro jewelry trendy pieces are fun, creative and often very colorful. These pieces aren’t just for one generation of wearers, everyone can enjoy colorful jewelry that fits the Y2K style revival.

Tips for Choosing Trendy Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is a great way to express your personal style, and even today’s trendiest pieces should fit the personal expression bill. When shopping for these retro, vintage and revived trendy jewelry styles, focus on choosing pieces that reflect your favorite fashion choices. This will help ensure that the items you’re choosing have staying power as pieces of your jewelry wardrobe that you’ll turn to again and again.

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