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Tennis necklaces in diamonds and gemstones
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Trendy Fancy Diamond Colors for 2024

Fancy color diamonds are rare, eye-catching gems that can enhance any jewelry. Discover the most popular fancy diamond colors for 2024.

Three two-stone gold necklaces and three-two stone gold rings with diamonds and gemstones in yellow, white and rose gold.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

What is Waterproof Jewelry?

Not all waterproof jewelry is created equal. Find out what makes platinum and gold some of the best metals for durable waterproof, sweat proof and tarnish proof jewelry.

Mother of pearl lockets next to a gold locket. 
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

All About Mother of Pearl

Unique, iridescent and classic mother of pearl has a rich history. It’s a popular choice for some of today’s trendiest jewelry designs. Discover its origins and what makes it so special.

Smiling woman wearing tennis bracelets.
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How Iconic Jewelry Pieces Got Their Names

Find out more about the story of how the tennis bracelet got its name, what makes herringbone necklaces unique, the origin of the word bangle and more.

Five gemstone and diamond necklaces including two heart necklaces.
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The History of Heart Jewelry

From The Middle Ages to sweetheart styles, heart jewelry has a rich history. Learn more about this symbolic jewelry and its most popular styles.

Stack of diamond and gold bands, including promise rings. 
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The Ultimate Guide to Promise Rings

Promise rings are increasingly popular for couples looking to show their commitment to one another. Learn more about this symbolic jewelry.

Timeless jewelry with diamond necklaces, earrings and sapphire rings.
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What Makes Jewelry Timeless?

Timeless jewelry enhances any collection. Learn more about what makes jewelry timeless and discover some of our favorite classic pieces. 

Loose diamonds in various shapes including round, princess, heart and Asscher.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

The Histories of Popular Diamond Shapes

Many of today’s biggest diamond shapes have historic counterparts that have inspired their beauty. Learn more and find your perfect diamond shape.

Yellow gold bangle and tennis bracelets on a yellow background. 
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

Carat vs Karat, what is the Difference?

Both terms are important to understand when shopping for engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. Learn more about what makes them different.

Five gemstone and diamond cocktail rings including designs with sapphire, emerald and amethyst. 
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Cheers to Trendy Cocktail Rings

This classic jewelry was made to stand out. Learn more about the history of these rings, discover popular pieces and get tips for styling your selections.