2020 Engagement Ring Trends


Though the coronavirus may be preventing large gatherings, it’s not stopping many couples from becoming engaged. In fact, one study found that 96 per cent of couples aren’t canceling their 2020 nuptials. But whenever the wedding planning happens, the fact remains that the right engagement ring is essential for your proposal engagement and upcoming union.

Whether you are choosing the ring yourself or making the decision with your partner, finding the right style of engagement ring is crucial — it should last a lifetime after all!

Looking at popular 2020 engagement ring trends can provide inspiration for this all-important symbol of your love.


When you begin shopping for an engagement ring, it’s important to understand the difference between engagement styles and wedding rings. An engagement ring is what you need for a proposal. The wedding rings are for the actual nuptials.

On your wedding day, spouses traditionally exchange wedding bands. Typically, a wedding ring is a single band and spouses often have matching or complementary rings. While your partner can still wear her engagement ring, she’ll also wear a wedding band.

Choosing a Wedding Band

Because you’re choosing an engagement ring with the intent to get married, you will want to think ahead to your wedding band preferences. Depending on the engagement ring style you choose, your options for matching wedding bands may be limited. Or, the engagement option you choose may be part of a full wedding set.

Whatever type of wedding band you choose, it’s important to ensure it will fit alongside the engagement ring on your partner’s finger. Asking for expert advice is always a good idea, especially if you’re unsure what styles will work with the engagement ring you’re considering.


Engagement rings come in many different styles and you can also customize a ring for your sweetheart. However, taking a look at the most popular engagement ring trends for 2020 can offer inspiration to get you started. They can also help you zero in on the style that’s right for your partner.

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

A statement center diamond is always in style, making a bold diamond one the most popular 2020 engagement ring trends. Diamond solitaire engagement rings have proven to be timeless for obvious reasons but you have plenty of style choices when it comes to your diamond size and shape.

Among the most popular diamond shapes are round, oval, princess-cut, and elongated styles like emerald-cut or pear.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings


While round diamonds tend to be the most expensive option, they are also the most sought-after. These types of rings work with a range of settings, making them versatile and flattering.

Round diamonds also offer plenty of sparkle. These are often what people imagine when thinking of a brilliant and eye-catching engagement ring.


Oval Engagement Rings


Oval engagement rings are a popular elongated ring style (more on that below) that can be seen on plenty of celebrities.

Blake Lively’s oval engagement ring from now-husband Ryan Reynolds is one example of the popularity of oval rings. Blake’s ring also used a rose-gold setting and a pavé band, which is another engagement ring trend that’s popular this year.

But you’ll also see oval styles flooding Instagram and Pinterest, as many women prefer this style over the more traditional round diamond.

Princess-Cut Diamonds


Princess-cut or square-cut diamonds are another overwhelmingly popular diamond shape. These diamond styles have been popular for a long while but the “profile cut” often enjoys a resurgence of popularity.

Princess cut diamonds lend themselves to different style options and settings, whether you choose a standalone diamond or one flanked by smaller gemstones

Elongated Engagement Rings


An elongated cushion engagement ring is one of the most popular trends of 2020. Elongated means the diamonds are longer than they are wide, and this style includes diamond shapes like oval, emerald cut, pear-shaped diamonds, and elongated cushion.

For example, Jennifer Lopez’s massive engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez is an emerald-cut elongated diamond. Hers also features “baguette” diamonds on either side in a unique twist on a more traditional setting.

Plenty of couples are searching for this type of ring because of the impact they make. After all, a statement ring doesn’t make a statement unless it’s bold and eye-catching, which these larger gemstones are.

Non-Diamond Gemstone Engagement Rings


While diamonds are a classic engagement ring choice, one trend drops them entirely. Alternative natural gemstone engagement rings are becoming popular due to both their lower cost and the versatility and customization options

Diamond alternative engagement rings can often feature stunning gemstones like:

  • Blue sapphire
  • Diamond-look moissanite
  • Royally inspired emerald
  • Deep ruby
  • Vibrant amethyst

Like diamonds, other gemstones come in various cuts, colors, and styles, making them an excellent choice for an unconventional bride-to-be.

Stacked Ring Sets


Some of the most unique engagement rings are part of a stacked set. Shaped bands can use a curved or chevron shape, but the options are practically limitless. Pairing embellished stackable rings with a classic single-diamond engagement ring is another versatile option for your 2020 engagement.

Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring is one notable example of a stacked set. The massive elongated oval diamond stands alone on a yellow gold band. But Hailey also wears the ring with two stacked rings: one above and one below the diamond.

The Biebers’ budget may far outweigh most engaged couples’, but recreating the style is doable with stacked bands that complement the engagement ring of your choice

Popular Engagement Ring Metals

Like other aspects of engagement rings, the metals used in their construction are also subject to changing trends. Here are the most popular metals for today’s engagement rings.

Platinum Rings

Platinum is a timeless engagement ring choice as it’s naturally white sheen will never fade or discolor. Platinum enhances the sparkle of a brilliant diamond and will last forever, making it the ultimate symbol for true and everlasting love.

Because of its high level of purity, platinum is more expensive, but it’s also precious and retains its value. It’s also hypoallergenic and, therefore, ideal for a future spouse with skin sensitivities.

Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold is enjoying a resurgence as many couples favor the timeless look. Pairing nearly any type of diamond with yellow gold ensures a flawless look, though yellow gold isn’t as durable as platinum.

Rose Gold Styles

While platinum rings are timeless, rose gold engagement rings are a re-emerging trend for 2020. Traditionally, rose gold was used in 19th-century jewelry. That means it’s the perfect metal for the vintage designs used in modern engagement rings.

Vintage-Inspired Styles

Vintage engagement rings are another trend that’s popular for 2020. Vintage style engagement-inspired rings run the gamut from ornate Victorian styles to geometric art deco designs.

Antique cuts, including the incorporation of smaller stones alongside diamonds or other gems, are also popular in jewelry outside of engagement varieties. If your partner loves vintage everything, this style may be a perfect choice.

Minimalist Ring Designs

Minimalism has become a buzzword for nearly every aspect of life, and it also applies to jewelry styles. Minimalist ring designs are becoming popular with people who prefer a more low-key look while committing to their future spouse.

Minimalist engagement rings tend to feature thin metal bands. Many also involve smaller diamonds or a lack of diamonds altogether. Lots of minimalist designs center on alternative gemstones. Typically, they feature natural options like sapphires or emeralds, with smaller profiles than more traditional rings.

One example of a somewhat minimalist design is Jennifer Lawrence’s ring from beau Cooke Maroney. The ring features an extremely thin gold band with a large, rectangular diamond. Jennifer’s ring offers a healthy balance between luxury and the minimalist design movement.

Popular Engagement Ring Settings

The term “setting” can vary depending on the jeweler you’re working with and the engagement ring style you’re looking at.

However, setting most commonly refers to the technique the jeweler uses to place the diamond on the ring band.

For example, a claw-style setting is one popular way to set a diamond. Claw-style settings, also known as prong settings, grip the diamond securely. This type of setting allows the gemstone to be the centerpiece of the ring, showing off its full height.

Arguably, prong or claw-style settings are the most popular, especially in rings with a single, large diamond. Other popular ring setting types include:


Channel-set: A channel-set ring incorporates accent diamonds in channels alongside the primary gemstone. Channel-set stones are a popular engagement ring style as they help play up the center diamond.


East-West Setting: In an east-west setting, the center stone is placed horizontally on the ring band creating a unique and modern look.


Hidden Halo Setting: A hidden halo setting has an additional ring of pavè diamonds that sits right below the center gemstone. A hidden halo is different from a traditional halo setting in that you cannot see this extra ring of diamonds when viewing the ring from above, however, when viewed from the side, a hidden halo can make your center stone look 15% larger.


Two-Tone Setting: A two-tone engagement ring setting combines different metals, usually white gold with yellow or rose gold, to give you a multi-colored look.

Cluster Engagement Rings

Celebrity couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom drew plenty of attention when they announced their engagement in 2019. But Katy’s cluster ring was the reason for most of the buzz. The pink center stone was flanked by eight diamonds in a flower shape.

While Katy’s ring seemed to hold symbolism in terms of her future husband’s last name, other celebrities love the cluster style, too. Notably, Princess Diana’s engagement ring was a cluster style, featuring a sapphire set within 14 diamonds.

Of course, Princess Diana’s passing meant that Duchess Kate Middleton now wears the gem. Though she’s modified the ring, she kept the cluster style and made it current again.

Side Accent Stones

Side accent stones are another popular setting style. In fact, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring from Prince Harry showcases a center gem and two side accent stones. The updated design is even more meaningful to the couple as the ring was reworked to incorporate two of Princess Diana’s gems from the late royal’s private collection.

Halo-Style Settings

Halo engagement rings are an excellent choice for women who want a true sparkler. Halo refers to the type of diamond setting; smaller diamonds surround the center diamond in a halo. The overall look offers plenty of sparkle and is sure to draw attention.

This style works well with both larger gems and smaller ones. A combination of stones can create a truly unique look.


Selecting the perfect engagement ring goes beyond observing trends and popular gemstone styles. You also need to know your partner’s style preferences. If you choose to customize an engagement ring for your fiancée, it’s even more important that you do your research.

Consider the following when you begin shopping for a ring:

  • Your fiancée’s style preference
  • Skin sensitivity, which may determine the ring metals you can choose from
  • Your partner’s profession and overall lifestyle, which can impact how wearable a certain style of ring may be
  • Your budget, or the ability to choose a payment plan
  • What type of wedding ring you plan to wear

Another tip shared by one of our customers is to take a look at your partner’s Pinterest account if they have one. This could be a source of useful inspiration if they are saving pictures of their favorite engagement rings there.

How Do I Choose the Right Engagement Ring Size?

The best way to choose the right engagement ring size is to cross-reference your partner’s existing ring collection. You can borrow a ring from her collection to check the size, then purchase an engagement ring that matches. We also have some great tools for choosing the right engagement ring size including a printable size chart and plastic ring sizer.


From the metal to the stone and the setting, there are many important decisions to make when choosing the ideal ring for your proposal.

Regardless of whether you are making the decision with your partner or without, understanding their personal style and preferences, along with popular engagement rings trends, will help you make the right choice.

The future may hold many uncertainties but nailing your proposal with a picture-perfect engagement ring is sure to strengthen your faith in true love!


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