Gold Rush: Top Picks from Our Anniversary Sale

While Blue Nile is best known for our handcrafted engagement rings and classic wedding bands, we’re equally passionate about helping you celebrate milestone occasions and special moments great and small—which includes treating yourself, of course.

In the spirit of building your own jewelry box, filled with hardworking, always-stylish pieces, we tapped our in-house expert buyer Alex K., to share some of her favorite yellow-gold styles. “Yellow gold is timeless,” she explains. “You can enjoy it now, and also pass it on to future generations. Plus, yellow gold looks amazing and bright on just about everyone—I love it on all skin tones.”

To make shopping the anniversary sale a little easier, Alex breaks her gold-focused picks into earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Alex, our trendspotting jewelry buyer at Blue Nile

Keep Your Style Game Strong with Classic Gold Hoops and Accent Huggies

First up are simple ways to take minimalistic-yet-eye-catching hoops (and huggies) and work them into your own daily style. According to Alex, gold hoops are closely associated with iconic moments throughout fashion history. “Nothing’s more ‘70s-cool than hoops,” she says while holding up a pair and pointing out their perfect form.

A hoop is great for making an instant impact. It’s a look that’s simple and elegant. It also feels perfect for the currently pared-back style mood. One of the defining things about hoop-wearing people is their preferred hoop size. This choice is partly about how the dimensions of your earrings relate to your hair style and length. It’s also partly about attitude. How big of a statement do you want to make? Either way, says Alex: “A yellow-gold hoop is a can’t-miss choice. If you have a second piercing, style it with a tiny gold huggie. The mix is playful and fresh. It’s a great late-summer look, especially with a white t-shirt and jeans.”

Create a Layered Look with Iconic Gold Necklaces

If you’re on the hunt for a new necklace, you’ll find an array of great options in the Blue Nile Anniversary sale, including gorgeous links, options with engravable bars, classic symbols, and pieces that can be worn long or doubled up. “Frankly,” says Alex, “I’d be thrilled wearing any of these styles on a daily basis because they are all so iconic. Although, the only thing that I love more than yellow gold is layers of yellow gold, so we have to talk about layering” she says with a laugh. Alex points out that some of the styles in the sale come with a jump ring, which means that their length can be adjusted, often by an inch or two, which is always helpful when creating your own layered look.

Mix it Up on Your Wrist with Gold Link Bracelets and Signature Cuffs

The next category of fine gold jewelry that Alex is excited to share is bracelets, particularly different styles of links that play well together. “When you’re building a jewelry wardrobe, there’s nothing like a chunky link bracelet for versatility. It’s great on its own, and also a perfect layering piece,” she says. In terms of her four-style lineup shown here, she describes how fun it is to play with contrasts. Mix a textured chain with an engravable bar bracelet or double up on pattern with a basket-weave cuff and a popcorn link bracelet. There are quite a number of striking ensembles. What combos are your favorites?

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