The Anatomy of Statement Jewelry

Woman in a red dress wearing statement earrings and a diamond necklace.

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Jewelry serves many different purposes, from showcasing special meanings through birthstone jewelry to representing a lifelong commitment with wedding rings or reflecting personal style with fashionable designer jewelry. Some jewelry pieces are all about turning heads and making a declaration of personal style.

Statement jewelry refers to necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and other jewelry pieces that are typically large and attention-grabbing. This kind of jewelry is intended to reflect the wearer’s personal style, expressing their fashions and tastes in a single piece of jewelry. Statement jewelry pieces can be worn on their own or coordinated with other jewelry 

Find your fashion voice with the right statement jewelry, starting with our guide to this jewelry trend.  

Types of Statement Jewelry

This popular jewelry style focuses on larger pieces or ones with standout designs such as large amounts of diamonds and gemstones. The exact shape of a statement jewelry piece will vary from one style to the next, but bolder design is at the core of all statement necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. 

Typically, pieces will have higher amounts of gold, sterling silver or platinum in their construction. They often take up more space than other kinds of jewelry, bringing a unique presence. Statement jewelry is not about being subtle, it’s instead focused on making a bold proclamation of the wearer’s style.

Statement Necklaces

Necklaces are the most popular type of statement jewelry, with chunky necklaces in gold, platinum and silver serving as the classic options for this look. Leading looks for statement necklaces include eternity designs of gemstone necklaces, diamond tennis necklaces, baroque pearl necklaces, thick chains and gold statement necklaces

Loose diamonds and pieces with larger stones are graded to showcase their qualities and brilliance. You can learn more about IGI vs GIA certifications to help you pick the right piece of diamond statement jewelry

Some people prefer costume styles of this jewelry, which often incorporates more of today’s most popular designs. For a statement necklace that’s always in style, it’s best to opt for one made of fine jewelry materials. These chunky statement necklaces bring more classic, evergreen looks. 

A thick gold necklace is one of the most timeless types of statement necklaces. You can choose from chains with repeating links or multiple links of different shapes. A gold chunky statement necklace is perfect for serving as the focal point in a necklace layering look. 

Statement Earrings

After necklaces, earrings are the next leading option for statement styles. For this kind of statement, the focus is on earrings that draw attention due to their construction, size or general presence. 

Dramatic hoops, gemstone-packed dangle earrings and cascading drop earrings all fit the statement style. A shining pair of statement earrings can enhance a wedding style, dress up a casual look or simply bring some sparkle to everyday outfits. 

A colorful pair of gemstone hoops can make a bold statement, bringing bright shades in a smaller diameter. If you’d prefer a larger pair of earrings, these yellow gold threader earrings make a big impact with shining metal. Cascading diamonds and rose gold make a timeless statement in this pair of earrings

A sparkling pair of chandelier earrings can make quite the impression with seemingly endless rivers of diamonds dangling from each ear. 

Typically, statement earrings will stand out from more traditional pairs. They’re often larger, heavier or they have more eye-catching materials than other styles. These kinds of earrings can be worn as the only jewelry in an outfit, or they can be paired with a statement necklace in a matching metal. 

Other Statement Jewelry Styles: Rings and Bracelets

Statement rings have been fashionable for many decades, with rings of varying materials bringing expressive style. Today’s most popular statement rings include fashion rings in gold, silver or platinum. Designs typically feature natural gemstones or brilliant diamonds.

Cocktail rings are the most classic type of statement style, offering the eye-catching look this kind of jewelry is known for.

Bracelets such as cuffs, bangles and diamond tennis bracelets are also statement pieces. To qualify as a piece of statement jewelry, a bracelet should stand out from other similar jewelry pieces. This usually means a bracelet will be thicker than more traditional styles. A statement bracelet can still be thin, but in these cases, it will have an eye-catching number of diamonds or colorful gemstones to qualify as a statement style. 

Popular statement bracelets include this wide gold cuff, this men’s Cuban chain, this white gold diamond bangle and this thick oval-link bracelet with diamonds. These pieces are typically worn as the only bracelet in an ensemble, but they can also accompany thinner styles for a bracelet stacking look.

Questions and Answers About Statement Jewelry

Any jewelry that has eye-catching designs can be considered statement jewelry. Typically, this jewelry is larger than other styles. It can also be more colorful or brilliant, with numerous diamonds or gemstones. 

Yes, statement jewelry is still in style. This is especially true for pieces made from durable materials such as gold, silver or platinum. Costume statement jewelry tends to be trendier, and some older pieces may not be in fashion. Statement jewelry in fine jewelry styles has a true timelessness everyone can enjoy. 

As with all jewelry shopping, it’s best to choose what feels genuine to your own personal style. We offer a wide array of necklaces including many diamond and gemstone statement styles. Visit your local Blue Nile jewelry store or contact our experts for help with choosing the standout piece that’s right for you.

This jewelry can be made from precious metals or costume materials. Our statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets and earrings are made from precious metals and genuine gemstones. 

Choosing Statement Jewelry

As with many jewelry styles, statement pieces are unique to the wearer and their personality. You should focus on choosing jewelry that feels authentic to you.

Statement pieces are typically larger and more eye-catching than other jewelry styles, which makes them the perfect addition to a jewelry wardrobe. These pieces can be mixed and matched with your other jewelry, creating new looks and styling options. 

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