The Benefits of Warm Diamonds

Photo of woman’s hands, she is wearing a warm diamond engagement ring. 

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Diamonds are unique gems valued for their durability and brilliance. Both natural and lab created diamonds are available in a wide range of shades, tints and quality ratings to match many different budgets. When shopping for a diamond, there are many elements of the 4Cs to keep in mind, including color.  

In diamonds, color actually refers to how colorless the gemstone is. Icier, less tinted diamonds tend to command higher prices than warmer varieties of this stone. While fancy colored diamonds are revered for their unique hues, standard diamonds with slight coloration are a little less popular. But diamonds with slight yellow, brown or other warm tones are beautiful in their own right.  

Considering a warmer diamond for your engagement ring, necklace, earrings or other jewelry style? Learn more about these unique diamonds to find the gem, setting and precious metal combination that will help your jewelry shine.  

What are Warm Diamonds?

Diamonds are rated for their colorlessness, ranging from colorless D diamonds to light color Z diamonds. Warmer diamonds are those with I-Z ratings. They fall along the near-colorless, faint, very light and light color ranges of the diamond color scale. 

At Blue Nile, we carry diamonds rated D through K along the color scale. Our diamonds that have been given color grades I-K are considered warm diamonds. These warmer diamonds will have a slight yellow tint that is most noticeable when compared to more colorless varieties. The tint of our warm diamonds will increase in intensity in alphabetical order, meaning that a K color diamond will have a more noticeable tinted warm appearance than a lighter I diamond  

Other Names for Wamer Diamonds

Warm diamonds are typically referred to by their color grade, their position along the color chart or by the general term of warm diamonds. They can also be called champagne diamonds, brown diamonds or cognac diamonds.  

The Antique Appeal of Warmer Diamonds 

Fans of vintage-style engagement rings, Art Deco styles and vintage era classic looks will love the romantic appeal of warm diamonds. Modern warm diamonds echo the appeal of antique-era gems that were often yellower in color, such as old mine cut diamonds, old European cut diamonds and rose cut diamonds.  

These gems had enchanting romantic warm, candlelight hues that made them popular for engagement styles. Some jewelry lovers recreate the vintage charm of antique diamonds by choosing gems cut with today’s modern precision in warmer colors to bring old world charm.  

Warm Diamond Benefits

Many people enjoy the unique style of warm diamonds for their jewelry. Our I-K warm diamonds bring many benefits, including: 

  1. More affordable price points when compared to higher grade cooler diamonds 
  2. Romantic hues for engagement styles 
  3. Better masking of certain gem blemishes or inclusions  
  4. Easy coordination with antique-style rings  
  5. Unique ring styling  
  6. Elegant color matching with warmer metals  

Warm diamonds are an affordable way to bring standout sparkle to jewelry. These gems bring a brilliance all their own, with gentle scintillation that lends well to all shapes and carats.  

Warm Diamond Best Practices

To make the most of warm colored diamonds, set these gems in yellow gold or rose gold jewelry. The richer shades of these metals can complement a warmer diamond’s hues, creating a cohesive style. Icier metals like white gold are more prone to contrasting with a warm diamond, while the richer rose and yellow gold styles allow a warm diamond to match its surroundings.  

Yellow gold jewelry with diamonds including earrings and a halo ring.

If you’re adding a warm diamond to an existing piece of diamond jewelry, it’s best to choose matching color grades. When warm diamonds are set with other similar shades, they will all look their best. Setting a warm diamond alongside a higher color grade will make the warm diamond stand out which may not always be the goal. Warm color diamonds are excellent choices for solitaire engagement rings 

There are many different diamond shapes that come with warmer colors. If you’re looking to echo vintage styles with a warm diamond, consider choosing shapes such as emerald cut, round brilliant cut and Asscher cut 

Top Questions and Answers About Warm Diamonds 

Many antique diamonds have warmer colors. This is mainly because many diamond sources at that time featured deposits of warmer-hued gems. It’s not a rule that every antique diamond will be a warm diamond, but many of these vintage and antique gems have warmer shades.  

Warm diamonds work best when paired with other similar color grades. They are most often set in yellow gold or rose gold, which complement the warm diamond’s tint.  

We offer a wide selection of diamonds, including warmer I-K gems. Visit one of our jewelry stores or browse our online selection to find your warm diamond.  

Yes, these I-K diamonds are just as durable as those with higher color grades.  

Every diamond is unique. While some warm color diamonds will have noticeable tints, others may not be as apparent. If you’re looking to hide the color of a warm diamond, set your gem in yellow gold or rose gold. When set alongside similar color grades, the yellow or brown hues will be less obvious 

Choosing Your Best Diamond Fit

Rose gold necklace with three diamonds in graduating sizes. 

While warmer diamonds offer a wide variety of benefits for jewelry, it’s all about choosing the style that best fits the jewelry wearer. We offer a wide variety of diamonds for color grades D through K, so there are many warm and cooler gems to choose from. Choose the one that best matches the wearer’s style preferences. If you need help choose the right fit, contact us for expert assistance in selecting your diamond.  

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