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Five gemstone and diamond cocktail rings including designs with sapphire, emerald and amethyst. 

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As one of the most popular types of statement jewelry, cocktail rings are a fashionable accessory that always steals the show. With a rich history dating back to prohibition, these rings are a classic addition to any jewelry collection. 

Learn more about the history of these rings, leading designs, styling tips and our favorite picks for adding to your wardrobe. 

What is a Cocktail Ring?

Morganite And Diamond Floral Cocktail Ring In 14k Rose Gold

A cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry that has loud, eye-catching designs. It is typically made with diamonds or gemstones and features an over-the-top scale, bringing a vibrant jewelry look to any outfit. Designs showcase a large center gem or diamond which can sometimes be surrounded by other gemstones. Due to its extravagant style, a cocktail ring is often worn for formal occasions. 

A Quick History of Cocktail Rings

Cushion-Cut Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring In 14k White Gold

The prohibition era is credited with the rise of the cocktail ring. Though rings existed in all shapes and sizes long before the 1920s, the delightfully outlandish styles of cocktail rings became a trendy choice during prohibition. Women would wear cocktail rings when they visited speakeasies, thus cementing the name for this style of jewelry.

The rings symbolized newfound independence for women, as they came into fashion following victory of the women’s suffrage movement. During the 1920s, women expressed themselves through their jewelry by wearing bold, flashy and intricate rings to show their personalities and celebrate the energy of the time. 

The Shift to Dinner Rings

Diamond Graduated Dinner Ring In 14k White Gold

Following the end of prohibition, the ostentatious cocktail ring made way for the more muted dinner ring. Dinner rings are similar to vintage cocktail rings in eye-catching design, but are a lot less extravagant. These kinds of rings were worn for the more mainstream dinner party, where fashions were less risqué and more polished. They often feature a north south orientation design, with small diamonds or other gemstones throughout. Some also have ornate metalwork in their designs. 

Resurgence of the Cocktail Ring

Today, both dinner rings and cocktail rings are popular styles for people who love vintage-inspired rings. Both designs have been updated for modern looks, bringing a new wave of standout jewelry. These designs are fashionable rings that can be worn for special occasions or to dress up an everyday look. 

Popular Cocktail Ring Styles

Today’s cocktail rings focus on high-quality gemstones, diamonds and designs that fit in modern fashion. The most popular rings echo the flapper-era platinum ring popularity, with many designs featuring white gold, emeralds, center-stone focal settings or motifs from the time when these rings adorned the hands of speakeasy guests 

Our best-selling cocktail rings include designs with single focal gemstones surrounded by enchanting designs. These statement styles are available in many different metals, with high-quality gemstones and unique ring shapes

Oval Garnet Cocktail Ring In 14k White Gold

Oval Garnet Cocktail Ring In 14k White Gold

This oval garnet cocktail ring brings delicate clusters of white topaz for a visual contrast against the garnet’s rich hues. The result is a standout ring that brings iconic cocktail ring designs into today’s styles.

Morganite And Diamond Halo Ring In 18k Rose Gold

Morganite And Diamond Halo Ring In 18k Rose Gold

This morganite and diamond halo ring exemplifies the large scale of this jewelry trend. With a large pink morganite at the center, this ring sits proudly on the finger. 

Cushion Cut Aquamarine And Diamond Cocktail Ring In 14k White Gold

Cushion Cut Aquamarine And Diamond Cocktail Ring In 14k White Gold

Soft blue aquamarine meets icy diamonds for a cocktail ring that’s sure to impress. With unique claw prongs, this ring is designed to turn heads. 

Oval Opal And Swiss Blue Topaz Halo Ring In 14k Rose Gold

Oval Opal And Swiss Blue Topaz Halo Ring In 14k Rose Gold

This stunning opal and blue topaz ring brings the ornate designs cocktail rings are known for. Its rose gold setting offers a warm contrast to the cool stones

Oval Ruby Ring With Double Diamond Halo In 14k White Gold

Oval Ruby Ring With Double Diamond Halo In 14k White Gold

The double halo of this ruby cocktail ring brings iconic style. With rows of diamonds and an attention-grabbing center ruby, this ring is fit for any occasion. 

Oval Aquamarine With Baguette Halo Fashion Ring 14k Yellow Gold

Oval Aquamarine With Baguette Halo Fashion Ring 14k Yellow Gold

This oval aquamarine ring takes cocktail ring styles and combines them with modern looks. The north south center stone is encircled by ballerina-esque diamonds, making for a truly unique piece. 

How to Wear a Cocktail Ring

These rings are typically worn as right hand rings to avoid confusion with the symbolism of engagement rings. But as with all jewelry, it’s about wearing your ring in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. You should wear your cocktail ring on whichever hand you prefer.

Keep these tips in mind for styling cocktail rings: 

  1. Double check your ring size to ensure you’re choosing the right fit. 
  2. Wear your ring on your right hand if you want to follow tradition.  
  3. For a softer look, choose additional jewelry in matching metals and gems. 
  4. To take a statement-making approach, wear additional jewelry of all types.  
  5. If you’re new to wearing cocktail rings, start by wearing them to special occasions.  

This playful jewelry staple is all about self-expression, so it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you style your cocktail ring.  

Top Questions and Answers About Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are traditionally worn on the right hand to avoid confusion with engagement and wedding rings

Though cocktail rings were not originally men’s jewelry, they can be worn by people of all gender identities today. Yes, women, men and anyone with a taste for vintage-inspired style can enjoy these rings

These stylish rings are fitting gifts for any occasion. They make excellent graduation, birthday, holiday and traditional wedding anniversary gifts

Yes, cocktail rings are trendy accessories. They are considered maximalist jewelry, bringing bold style to today’s fashions. 

A large center stone is what identifies this ring’s classic style. Cocktail rings can contain gemstones, natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds

Finding Your Ring

We invite you to explore our full selection of cocktail rings and fashion rings to find the newest addition to your jewelry wardrobe. 

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