Jewelry Trends: Minimalism

Six minimalist necklaces including pendants and station necklaces.

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For many people, less is more when it comes to their jewelry. The ever-popular minimalist jewelry trend showcases dainty, subtle and chic styles that enhance a look rather than overpowering it. 

For fans of minimalist jewelry styling, it’s about picking key pieces that make a statement more quietly than maximalist jewelry. Both styles are popular trends today, with the minimalist look fitting any occasion. 

If you’re someone who prefers to accessorize with elegant fine jewelry, the minimalist jewelry trend may be your perfect fit. 

What is Minimalist Jewelry?

This jewelry look is about restraint, using a less is more approach to style. Minimalist jewelry has clean lines, unfussy designs, delicate appearances and subtlety. Popular minimalist jewelry pieces include standalone chain necklaces, thin gold rings, plain bangles and simple stud earrings.

Minimalist jewelry typically uses fewer materials than other styles, focusing on quality construction and small details. The result is trendy jewelry that exudes elegance. 

Creating a Minimalist Jewelry Look

Ready to jump into the minimalist jewelry trend? You can build a wardrobe of some staple pieces or a full collection that includes minimalist necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. When shopping for these styles, look for pieces that are smaller in scale, made with quality construction and have designs that contain clean lines or geometric shapes. 

Smaller Scale and Dainty Designs


Chic minimalist looks center on smaller scale pieces with big impact. Think thinner chains and bands, smaller earrings and more subtle bracelets. The result brings dainty accessorizing that softly enhances a look rather than fighting it

This minimalist smile necklace brings a curved design that hugs the chain, helping the piece’s smaller scale make a big impression. This mini diamond bar necklace also brings a more subtle style. For a dainty bracelet look, consider a petite heart bracelet in shining 14k white, yellow or rose gold. You can complete the look with lightning bolt stud earrings, perfect for any minimalist ensemble. 

Quality Crafting

Spiral Stackable Wedding Ring In 14k White Gold

Even the smallest details of minimalist earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings speak volumes. Quality craftspersonship is crucial for exceptional minimal jewelry. With smaller scale pieces and simpler designs, it’s important to have jewelry that is well-crafted so each piece in your collection looks its very best. A quality piece of minimalist jewelry will showcase your style and add elegance to your jewelry box

To make the most of this trend, select pieces with expert designs, such as this white gold mini diamond ring, this timeless paperclip bracelet, this subtle spiral ring and this stylish rope chain necklace. Top-quality materials and hand finished details allow minimalist jewelry to showcase this trendy style wear after wear. Choose jewelry in sterling silver, gold or platinum for durable minimalist looks. 

Clean Lines or Geometric Designs


In addition to small scale, quality designs and leading materials, minimalist jewelry often features clean lines. These can be classic chains such as a thin herringbone necklace or a gold Singapore chain. You can also opt for clean lines with a pair of gold pearl threader earrings or mini white gold huggies

Clean lines and geometric designs also work for minimalist bracelets, such as a sterling silver bangle or an open bar gold flex bangle that balances diamond accents on opposite sides. 

The straightforward silhouettes of these styles bring trendy minimalist looks for any occasion. The clean lines make for subtle style and quiet luxury. 

Optional Subtle Gemstones

Many designs of minimalist gold jewelry and silver styles focus on dainty scale, chic elements, clean lines, quality materials and exceptional craftspersonship. Many pieces are plain metal, allowing the signatures of this look to shine. But some pieces subtly add some additional sparkle to the look with diamonds or gemstones. 

You can choose a minimalist necklace with gemstones or diamonds to bring added texture to the look. This mini duet diamond circle necklace keeps the look monochromatic while this sapphire star pendant brings blue hues. 

For a minimalist necklace that brings trendy yellow gold and diamond contrast, choose from popular styles such as this mini diamond accent disc pendant or this yellow gold pendant featuring multiple small diamonds. Both necklaces showcase how this trend can incorporate color and added contrast in soft ways. 

How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

Less is more when it comes to this jewelry trend. For a true minimalist look, it’s best to wear a select few pieces on their own or to coordinate with matching metals and gemstones. You can choose to focus on one style, such as minimalist earrings, or you can pick a few different minimalist pieces to wear together. If you’re wearing multiple minimalist jewels together, keep the following tips in mind:  

  1. Choose matching materials for a coordinated look.  
  2. Focus on dainty pieces to start.  
  3. Mix and match key elements, such as wearing all yellow gold but with different gemstones.  
  4. For an easy style, choose all plain metal designs to start.  
  5. If layering, only stack two pieces to avoid a look that’s too busy.  

Understated elegance is at the core of minimalist jewelry, and there are many ways to enjoy this style while keeping self-expression in mind. Pick jewelry that resonates with your personal style and have fun mixing and matching what works for you.  

Questions and Answers About Minimalist Jewelry

Dainty, subtle and high-quality jewelry designs match the minimalist trend. To be considered minimalist, a piece of jewelry should be well-made, small in scale and bravely simple. These pieces have a less is more approach to style. 

Yes, simple minimalist jewelry is in style. It’s an excellent choice for those who are looking for more subtle pieces.

This simpler look can bring style without overpowering an outfit. Whether you choose minimalist gold jewelry, silver designs or pieces with gemstones, you’re sure to look elegant.

Affordability, timelessness and ease of wear make this jewelry trendy. Anyone can wear minimalist jewelry, easily accessorizing with these pieces. 

The delicate scope of minimalist earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets requires a little extra care. Follow basic metal and gemstone care for your jewelry, taking added precautions to handle your minimalist jewelry pieces gently when cleaning them. 

If you’re using a polishing cloth to restore the luster of your jewelry, be sure to handle the pieces more delicately than you would other styles. It’s often best to avoid ultrasonic cleaners for this kind of jewelry. 

Buying Minimalist Jewelry

When choosing minimalist jewelry, choose brands you can trust. Top-quality materials and expert craftspersonship are key to picking pieces that will last. We offer a wide selection of minimalist rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Visit one of our local jewelry stores to see select minimalist jewelry designs in person or browse our full selection online.

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