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Biggest Engagement Ring Trends for 2024

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An engagement ring is a shining symbol of love and commitment. With many different designs, gemstones and diamonds available, these rings can also represent personal style and the biggest trends. For 2024, the most popular engagement rings feature the latest fashions and even revived classics. 

Engagement ring trends in 2024 include the following styles: 

  1. Rings with Lab Diamonds 
  2. Maximalist Rings 
  3. East West Settings  
  4. Mixed Metals 
  5. Pops of Color 
  6. Multi-Stone Rings 
  7. Choosing Rings Together 

Learn more about these trends and how they fit into today’s most popular women’s and men’s engagement rings. From sparkling diamonds to enchanting gemstones, the latest engagement ring trends are eye-catching and easy to coordinate with many types of wedding rings. 

Rings with Lab Diamonds

In recent years, high-quality lab made diamonds have grown in popularity. These gems have taken their rightful place as one of the biggest engagement ring trends for 2024. It’s no mystery why lab diamond rings are some of 2024’s most popular engagement rings. These diamonds are a budget-friendly choice that brings lasting style. They are chemically and visually identical to natural diamonds, making them eligible for GIA or IGI grading for the 4Cs. Just as with our natural diamonds, you can choose lab diamonds based on shape, color, carat, cut and clarity. 

With our wide selection of GIA graded lab diamonds for sale, it’s easy to find the perfect diamond to add to an engagement ring. 

Maximalist Rings

Three-Stone Oval Duet Shank Diamond Engagement Ring In 18k Yellow Gold with Center Cushion Diamond 

Daintier rings have made way for chunky rings and engagement styles that showcase maximalist looks Wide band rings with multiple gems are making a big statement as one of 2024’s newest engagement ring trends. Choose a standalone maximalist ring or recreate the ring trend by combining several rings, such as anniversary bands, alongside a thicker engagement ring. 

This dual shank ring encompasses some of 2024’s biggest maximalist ring trends, with rows of diamonds and sidestones that enhance the center stone of your choosing. Maximalist styles like this show off engagement ring designs that make a big impact

East West Settings

Platinum engagement ring with an east west emerald diamond and halo of diamonds.

Bring new energy to classic diamond shapes with an east west ring setting. These settings take the traditional vertical orientation of rings and flip the main gemstone on its side, creating a unique look. East west rings are sure to be some of 2024’s most popular engagement rings, thanks to their special combination of innovative design with familiar shapes and styles. 

This horizontal trendy engagement ring design is best for elongated gemstone shapes such as marquise diamonds, emerald diamonds, pear diamonds, radiant diamonds and oval diamonds

Mixed Metals

Men's Semi-Bezel Two-Tone Engagement Ring In 18k White And Yellow Gold with Princess Square Diamond

Mixed metal engagement rings are a popular choice for people in search of special elements to add to classic looks. The addition of one or two extra metal colors can add exciting contrast to a simple ring, transforming understated looks into popular eye-catching designs. 

This men’s dualcolor ring showcases the stylish drama two different tones can add to an engagement ring. In women’s rings, the mixed metal look can be more prominent with two intertwined shades in this ring, or more subtle in the style of this solitaire ring featuring a hidden rose gold braid

Pops of Color

Classic Pear Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring In Platinum with Radiant Diamond

Bright colors are a leading choice for 2024’s trendy engagement rings. Some of the most popular engagement rings for this year feature colorful diamonds and gemstones. These vibrant gems can serve as the main stone in a ring, or as sidestones to enhance a main stone

Many gemstones are perfect for engagement rings, adding special meaning and stunning color to jewelry. Gems such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tanzanite and morganite are popular choices for engagement styles. Explore our wide selection of gemstone engagement rings to find the right fit. 

Multi-Stone Rings

Two-Stone Engagement Ring With Pear Shaped and Asscher Diamond In 18k Yellow Gold

Two and three-stone rings are symbolic and popular styles that top many engagement ring trend lists. Three-stone rings, also known as trinity engagement rings, typically showcase a center stone with two smaller stones on either side. Two-stone rings, also known as toi et moi engagement rings, often feature two gems or diamonds of similar sizes next to each other. 

For 2024, the trendy multi-stone engagement ring style is all about personalization. You can choose the exact diamond you’d like as the focal stone on these popular engagement rings, along with optional engraving for many designs. Two-stone rings often represent two people joining together. Three-stone rings represent a couple’s past, present and future. 

This two-stone ring combines a pear diamond with the second diamond of your choosing, all set together in gold or platinum. For a unique three-stone version of the popular multi-stone style, consider this stylish half-moon sidestone ring that can showcase one of six different center diamond shapes

Choosing Rings Together

Gold and platinum engagement rings on a yellow background.

There are endless combinations of engagement ring designs, gemstones, diamonds and personalized details. Other popular styles include hidden halo engagement rings, cathedral settings, elongated diamonds and hand-finished details.

With so many design options, many couples are opting to choose their engagement rings together. The increased prevalence of shopping for rings as a couple has made this approach to choosing a ring one of the biggest trends. 

Shopping for a ring with your partner is the best way to ensure you get the right fit for their style and ring sizeThis approach isn’t just trendy in 2024, it’s a practical way to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect design for your partner. 

This year, expect to see more couples shopping for their rings online or at jewelry stores together. 

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