How to Buy and Style Chunky Rings

Photo of a woman’s hands; she is wearing five chunky rings with gemstones and diamonds.

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Effortlessly stylish and eye-catching chunky rings showcase trendy shapes and themes. The large scale of chunky rings in silver and gold brings a unique look, making this jewelry a popular choice for any collection

A chunky ring is one that takes up more space on the finger than thinner ones. Chunky rings are often 4.5mm in width or thicker, typically taking up much of the finger’s base when being worn. The result is a thick jewelry look that commands style. Also called bulky or oversized rings, this jewelry can be worn in fashion or wedding styles

These trendy rings serve as stylish statement jewelry, adding instant personality to any ensemble. Whether you have a full jewelry wardrobe of popular oversized rings or you’re new to this trend, our tips can help you find and style your new favorite piece of jewelry

Types of Chunky Rings

From fashion rings to wedding rings, anniversary rings and everything in between, there are many styles that fit the oversized ring trend. The most popular and durable chunky rings are available in gold and silver, bringing expert construction to this trend.

Gold Chunky Rings

A thick gold ring is the perfect accessory to work this style into your look. We offer a wide selection of chunky gold rings including plain metal designs, rings with diamonds and thick bands with gemstones. When shopping for this style, choose durable 14k or 18k rings. 

If you’re new to this trend or looking for inspiration, we have shared some of our favorite chunky ring styles below. 

Round And Baguette Criss Cross Diamond Fashion Ring In 14k Yellow Gold And 14k Rose Gold

Round And Baguette Criss Cross Diamond Fashion Ring In 14k Yellow Gold And 14k Rose Gold (1 Ct. Tw)

Thick gold rings make the perfect backdrop for diamonds and gemstones. This criss cross diamond ring is the perfect style for showing off the benefits of chunky diamond and gold rings. With winding rows of yellow and rose gold covered in diamonds of various cuts, this ring is a chunky jewelry style that gets all the right attention

Quilted Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

Quilted Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

This quilted ring tapers from a thinner band to a chunky ring at the face of the jewelry. It’s a popular way to wear the chunky ring look while keeping a thinner band on the opposite side of the ring. If you’re new to oversized rings, this kind of tapered style is a great choice for getting used to the scale of this look. 

Diamond Multi-Row Statement Ring In 14k White Gold

Diamond Multi-Row Statement Ring In 14k White Gold (3 3/4 Ct. Tw.)

With a width of 11mm, this multi-row diamond ring exemplifies the scope and sparkle of chunky gold rings. Showcasing over 3 carats of diamonds, this ring makes a big impression wherever it goes. Wear it to dress up an everyday look or save the style for special occasions as a brilliant addition to your outfit. 

Square Fashion Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

Square Fashion Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

Combining buttery yellow gold and a unique square shape, this ring showcases a minimalist approach to chunky rings. It’s a timeless look that embodies the bulky ring trend with elegance and simplicity. The result is a statement-making thick gold ring that’s a chunky 9.50mm wide. 

Silver Chunky Rings

Sterling silver is another popular metal for oversized rings. Styles include designs with gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, peridot, garnet and topaz. Chunky silver rings are popular choices for casual looks and understated elegance. 

Corda Cushion-Cut Peridot Halo Ring In Sterling Silver

Corda Cushion-Cut Peridot Halo Ring In Sterling Silver

Staring at a thin 2.50mm band and tapering up in size to a large 8mm face, this cushion-cut gemstone ring features a prominent gem set in chunky silver. Choose from garnet, peridot or amethyst set in a sparkling white topaz halo. 

Octagon Multi-Stone Eternity Band In Sterling Silver

Octagon Multi-Stone Eternity Band In Sterling Silver

Though smaller than other chunky silver rings, this multi-gemstone eternity ring makes a big impression. It’s considered on the bulky side due to its thicker width than other ring types. It features large gems including garnet, amethyst, citrine and peridot. The colorful stones and larger scale of the ring make for a lasting impression

How to Style Chunky Rings

These rings often fit a maximalist jewelry look, bringing statement-making sizes to any outfit. Whether you choose a plain metal gold chunky ring, a ring loaded with diamonds or a sterling silver design that features a prominent gemstone, these rings make the perfect accessory. 

Keep these tips in mind when styling your oversized ring look: 

  1. If you’re looking to coordinate, choose a chunky ring that matches the metal of your existing jewelry.  
  2. Pick gemstones that have special meaning or style significance.  
  3. For a more minimalist jewelry approach, wear only one chunky ring style per hand. 
  4. If you’re wearing your chunky ring as a fashion piece, consider wearing it as a right hand ring 
  5. Have fun with it! These rings are bold and bravely expressive, so have fun showing off your authentic style with a thick ring.  

Our free ring sizer makes it easy to find your best fit for this trendy style. These rings are popular to wear on any finger, making them a flexible fashion choice.  

Chunky Wedding Ring Sets

A stack of men’s wedding and engagement rings. 

Oversized and stylishly bulky rings are often worn as fashion pieces, but there are meaningful rings that also sport the look. Many people wear a chunky ring style by building a wedding ring stack and using multiple rings to channel this trend. 

While engagement rings are often thinner on their own, the scope of a full chunky stacked wedding ring set can look just as impressive as a standalone thick ring. The stylishly oversized ring look can be replicated with several wedding pieces in a single stack including an engagement, wedding and anniversary ring. 

We offer a wide selection of chunky stacked wedding rings in gold or platinum. Styles include gemstones, natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds

Questions and Answers About Chunky Rings

These rings are known by the name bulky rings, thick rings or oversized rings. 

Due to the larger scale of these rings, it’s best to size up about ½ to ¾ a size for a comfortable fit. Thinner styles fit your standard ring size, but it’s often best to size up slightly for thicker bands.

These rings are often worn on the index, middle, or ring finger. 

Topping current jewelry trends, chunky rings are absolutely in style. They’re especially popular in yellow, white or rose gold. 

Tips for Buying Chunky Rings

Six chunky rings with gemstones and diamonds.

When shopping for oversized rings, choose designs that match your personal style. As with all jewelry, your ring choice is a personal one that should reflect your own tastes. Choose designs in solid gold or silver for long-lasting rings that you can wear time and time again. For a flexible approach, choose a chunky ring that fits in with your existing jewelry collection so you can mix and match your styling. 

You can browse our jewelry online or at one of our local jewelry stores to find your newest addition. 

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