What Makes Jewelry Timeless?

Timeless jewelry with diamond necklaces, earrings and sapphire rings.

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Trends are always changing, but some styles withstand the test of time. When jewelry is timeless, it is always in style. Timeless jewelry pieces are effortlessly classic, offering great looks no matter the decade. 

What exactly makes a piece of jewelry timeless? Is it the way it’s made? Is it the type of diamonds or gemstones it includes? Is it the shape of the jewelry? There isn’t one exact factor that makes a piece of jewelry evergreen, but timeless jewelry styles often share unique qualities that set them apart as truly enduring. 

Qualities of Timeless Jewelry

Timeless jewelry styles in diamond and gold. 

To be timeless, pieces of classic jewelry don’t need to be expensive, they just need to bring the look and construction that allow for frequent easy wear. Timeless jewelry is always: 

  1. Well-made with expert construction 
  2. Crafted in classic designs 
  3. Easily coordinated with other jewelry 
  4. Made from high-quality, durable materials 
  5. Simple to maintain, with authentic gemstones  
  6. Effortlessly coordinated with a variety of outfits  

When choosing timeless styles, you’ll want to focus on items made from real precious metals with sturdy designs. Because timeless heirloom jewelry is expected to last for generations of wear, it’s best to avoid gold plated jewelry and instead focus on fine jewelry made from solid metals and real gemstones.  

Popular Timeless Jewelry Pieces

Ready to add your own forever jewelry to your collection? You can start by exploring our favorite timeless jewelry pieces. These styles can be worn on their own or mixed and matched with jewelry you may already have. 

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet In 14k White Gold

White gold tennis bracelet with lab diamonds

A tennis bracelet’s endless sparkle is always in style. This lab grown diamond tennis bracelet offers a new take on the classic look, bringing round lab diamonds to the look

20" Textured Love Knot Pendant In 14k Italian Yellow Gold

Yellow gold love knot necklace

Evergreen, fashionable and easy-to-coordinate gold necklaces are about as timeless as it gets. This textured love knot necklace offers a unique yet subtle style. It is crafted in 14k Italian gold, making it the perfect heirloom jewelry piece for frequent wear.

Hammered Bangle In Sterling Silver

Sterling silver bangle bracelet with hammered detailing

This hammered sterling silver bangle offers truly effortless wear. Pair it with a similar style or add contrast to your look with different bracelet textures worn together. With solid silver, it is a durable addition to your collection.  

Petite Stationed Sapphire And Diamond Necklace In 14k White Gold

White gold station necklace with diamond and sapphire stations

Styling flexibility is at the core of timeless jewelry, and this 36-inch sapphire and diamond station necklace in white gold is the perfect example of easy coordination. This investment jewelry can be worn in an elongated style or doubled up for a layered look.  

Diamond Stud Earrings In 14k Rose Gold (1/2 Ct. Tw.)

Diamond stud earrings with rose gold settings

Complete any look with this pair of sparkling diamond stud earrings in rose gold. These earrings are perfect for dressing up a casual look or adding a finishing touch of brilliance to formal outfits. 

Lab Grown Diamond Radiant Cut Eternity Ring In Platinum (3 Ct. Tw.)

Eternity ring with radiant-cut lab diamonds in platinum

Endless diamonds encircle pristine platinum in this radiant cut diamond platinum eternity ring. This style is perfect to add to a wedding stack or to wear on its own, especially as a right hand ring. Set in platinum, this ring is easy to maintain with worry-free wear. 

Squared Bangle In 14k Italian Rose Gold

14k rose gold bangle bracelet

This rose gold bangle bracelet is an heirloom jewelry piece that will look its best wear after wear. It embodies timelessness with a classic shape that’s easy to coordinate with any outfit. 

Three-Stone Drop Diamond Pendant In 18k Yellow Gold (1 Ct. Tw.)

Three-stone diamond necklace in yellow gold

This stylish three-stone diamond necklace brings brilliance on its own, but it is also easily paired with other chains for a necklace layering look. Crafted in gleaming yellow gold, it’s as durable as it is timeless.

Stackable Cut Rectangle Ring In 18k Yellow Gold (2mm)

Yellow gold ring with rectangle detailing

Some timeless jewelry pieces are understated in style, like this cut rectangle ring in 18k yellow gold. It brings a subtle update to a plain metal band, with vibrant 18k gold and soft textures. It’s perfect for stacking with other styles or serving as a simple ring on its own

Questions and Answers About Timeless Jewelry

Timeless jewelry is jewelry that can be worn year after year with easy coordination to any look. Also known as classic jewelry, timeless jewelry is well-made and durable. 

Any jewelry that is passed from one generation to the next is considered heirloom jewelry. It is often well-made timeless jewelry that can be worn frequently over long spans of time. 

As with all jewelry, it’s best to choose pieces that fit with your personal style. When buying jewelry with timelessness in mind, focus on choosing pieces made from high-quality materials. 

Because timeless jewelry is always in style, these enduring pieces make the perfect gift. If you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift by year, timeless jewelry is a great fit. 

Investment jewelry refers to pieces that can appreciate in value as time goes on. This often includes pieces made from gold, platinum and natural diamonds

Time for Timeless Jewelry Pieces

We make it easy to find the right timeless styles for your jewelry collection or for gift giving. We invite you to browse our extraordinary jewelry collection along with classics from our online jewelry selections. These styles are crafted from solid precious metals and they feature durable gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Timeless jewelry can bring endless style to your collection. 

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