Trendy Fancy Diamond Colors for 2024

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Whether lab grown or natural, diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry. These durable and brilliant gems are most commonly colorless, but fancy color diamonds also exist in a full spectrum of hues. These colorful diamonds are rarer than their colorless counterparts, and they are often found in unique engagement rings.

This year’s most popular colored diamond shades include yellow, pink, brown, blue and black

Discover what gives these diamonds their special colors, the rarity of these colors, the impact of diamond color on a gemstone’s value and the best way to care for different colored diamonds. 

How Fancy Diamond Colors Happen

Both natural and lab grown diamonds are made from pure carbon atoms arranged in a unique three-dimensional triangular pyramid pattern. When diamonds are forming, trace additional elements can result in the gem having a fancy color. 

Elements like nitrogen, boron and hydrogen can cause a diamond to form with fancy colors rather than the traditional colorless appearance of this gemstone. It is particularly rare for coloration to happen in natural diamonds, which makes fancy color natural diamonds especially coveted. 

Most Popular Fancy Colored Diamonds for 2024

For 2024, the most popular fancy diamond colors are yellow, black, blue, pink and brown. These unique hues are perfect for earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, wedding bands and both women’s and men’s engagement rings

This year’s leading fancy diamond colors showcase the allure of colorful diamonds, demonstrating how rich hues are only enhanced by the brilliance of these gems. We’re digging into what makes each of these shades a leading choice for 2024 and beyond. 

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamond

Also known as canary diamonds, yellow diamonds are the most popular colored diamond shade. Nitrogen gives these gems their vivid yellow color, making for sunny and eye-catching jewelry. Natural yellow diamonds are incredibly rare, with color intensity ranging from light yellow to darker coloration. 

Yellow diamonds are mostly found in brilliantly faceted cuts that help show off their sparkle and color. Popular cuts include round, heart, pear and cushion, with many diamonds having slight modifications to their shape to enhance their color further.

Black Diamonds

Eternity ring with black diamonds

Black diamonds are another popular fancy color diamond for 2024. These diamonds get their dark color from large quantities of minerals including graphite, pyrite or hematite. Because these inclusions are so abundant in these diamonds, they give the gemstone a solid black color. These gems are commonly found in black diamond rings, bringing a special shine to the jewelry. 

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamond

Between soft sky blue, rich turquoise and velvety deep shades of azure, blue diamonds come in many hues. This diamond color is a popular choice in 2024, echoing the history of famous diamonds in similar shades. Traces of boron give blue diamonds their color, with more color intensity making for the rarest of these gems. 

Brown Diamonds

Brown diamond

Since the 1980s, brown diamonds have enjoyed popularity with unique names to describe their shades. These popular diamonds are also known as chocolate diamonds, champagne diamonds and cognac diamonds. These diamonds are less rare than other colors, making them a more affordable fancy diamond color. Their rich color is caused by crystal lattice changes in the diamond’s molecular structure, resulting in parallel brown grain lines that give the gem its shade. 

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamond

As one of the rarest fancy diamond colors, pink diamonds are coveted for their unique hues. The most valuable gem sold at auction was a pink diamond known as the CTF Pink Star Diamond. With its rare pink color, this oval diamond sold for a record-breaking $71 million at auction.

Perpetually popular pink diamonds get their shade due to changes to their crystal structure during their formation. Immense pressure causes crystal pattern shifting that results in the iconic pink shade.

The Value of Popular Colored Diamonds

Because only one in every 10,000 diamonds has a fancy color, these gems are incredibly rare. Fancy colored diamonds with deeper colors, more consistent color distribution and heavier diamond carat weights are the rarest of them all. 

The incredible rarity of popular colored diamond shades makes these gems especially valuable. Natural colored diamonds have the greatest value of all, with fancy colored lab diamonds typically having lower price tags than their natural counterparts. 

You’ll find a wider selection of natural fancy colored diamonds than you will lab made ones. This is because most of the conditions that cause diamond colors are only found in nature. 

Questions and Answers About Fancy Diamond Colors

Red diamonds are the most expensive of the fancy colored diamonds. 

Yes, fancy colored diamonds are very rare

Fancy colored diamonds found within the earth are natural colored diamonds. Only a few diamond colors can be created in laboratories, including pink and blue. But the bulk of fancy colored diamonds are natural ones. 

Finding High-Quality Fancy Colored Diamonds

Looking to add one of this year’s popular diamond colors to your collection? We invite you to browse our full selection of loose colored diamonds online. Our experts are available to help you choose your perfect diamond at one of our jewelry stores or online with a virtual jewelry shopping appointment. 

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