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Colorful, symbolic and effortlessly stylish gemstone jewelry has emerged as one of the trendiest styles. Jewelry featuring gemstones brings unique hues, self-expression and timeless style to all occasions. From eye-catching earrings to enchanting engagement rings, gemstone pieces are growing in popularity for jewelry lovers of all ages.  

Whether you’ve been wearing gemstone styles for years or you’re new to this jewelry trend, there are fun ways to accessorize with natural stone jewelry. Learn more about the history of these baubles, buying tips and tricks for effortlessly adding a few gemstone styles to your jewelry box.  

Iconic Gemstone Jewelry Styles Throughout History

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are some of today’s most popular gemstones with historic ties to cultures all around the world. These and many other gems were revered over the centuries for not only their beauty but also for the long-held beliefs in their powers and benefits. Gems have been associated with healing, protection, fidelity, courage, mood stabilization, success and enlightenment.  

Many famous gemstones found their way into royal jewelry for kingdoms across the globe. This includes pieces such as the La Peregrina Pearl which was owned by several Spanish monarchs and eventually Elizabeth Taylor. Other famous gemstone jewelry styles have even older histories, including the prevalence of emerald jewelry in both ancient Egypt and ancient Rome.  

Design houses have also made their mark on the gemstone jewelry trends, including Cartier’s crafting of The Duchess of Windsor’s Panther Bracelet. This bracelet features diamonds, onyx gems and emerald eyes.  

Some on-trend gemstone jewelry pieces have lived many lives over the years. The Attallah cross was created in the 1920s with amethysts and diamonds. Once worn by royalty, the pendant is a gemstone-focused take on symbolic cross necklaces. Recently, it was acquired by modern celebrity Kim Kardashian. 

In more recent decades, the British Royal Family has made their mark on the increased popularity of gemstone designs through one of the most iconic gemstone engagement ring trends. Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was as captivating in 1981 as it was for her son’s engagement in 2010. Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of contemporary gemstone jewelry, this ring has helped fuel the popularity of sapphire engagement rings 

Engagement rings with gemstones are some of the most in-demand styles for this colorful trend. Gemstone engagement rings featuring sapphires, rubies, amethysts and even morganite are keeping eye-catching gemstone jewelry in style.  

The continued popularity of gemstone jewelry proves that these styles are always on-trend, with many pieces spanning generations of wearers.  

Jumping into the ongoing gemstone jewelry craze starts by finding jewelers you can trust.  

Gemstone Jewelry Buying Tips

When shopping for jewelry featuring gemstones, it’s important to shop at jewelry stores that sell authentic gems. Many gems and birthstones have synthetic versions, but these synthetic stones don’t offer the same durability, value and style as their natural versions. We are proud to offer many different natural gems, including styles that have already been set in jewelry and others that are available as loose gems to add to your favorite Blue Nile pieces.  

When you’re buying trendy gemstone jewelry, keep these tips in mind: 

  1. Choose the durability that fits the jewelry. Softer gems like opals are best for necklaces, while sturdier gems like sapphires can work in any setting.  
  2. Keep enhancements in mind. Some gems are treated with traditional enhancements to improve their beauty or stability. We will provide disclosures for any treated gems 
  3. Consider color. Gemstones will be priced differently depending on several quality factors. Color has the biggest impact on a gem’s price. There are many ways to assess gemstone color 
  4. Keep paperwork in mind. Larger and rarer gemstones will often come with a GIA report to showcase their qualities.  

Whether you’re buying loose gemstones or a complete piece of jewelry such as a gemstone necklace, it’s important to keep quality and self-expression in mind. The perfect piece is one that expresses your personal style. We offer a wide selection of trendy gemstone jewelry style including necklaces, gemstone rings, gemstone earrings and gemstone bracelets 

How to Style Gemstone Jewelry

Woman smiling as she wears a gemstone ring. 

Larger gemstone pieces are often worn on their own, such as standout cocktail rings. But other gemstone styles are often paired with other jewelry looks. Add a small gemstone ring to your stacking ring set or a pair of gemstone hoops to your earring stack. 

If you’re new to wearing the gemstone jewelry trend, opt for matching pieces. This can mean wearing jewelry with matching gemstones, matching metals or both.  

Eye-catching gemstone jewelry brings self-expression and classic style. This is a jewelry trend with serious staying power, with gemstone styles spanning generations. Browse our full selection of gemstone jewelry to find your perfect piece to wear this popular style!   

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