Stud earrings including blue sapphires, pink sapphires and rubies.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

All About Sapphire Colors

Blue isn’t the only shade for sapphires. Choose from a wide array of sapphire colors including pink, purple, yellow, white and even green.

Yellow gold engagement ring with loose diamonds around it. 
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

What is the Best Diamond Certification?

Diamond grading reports from GIA and IGI are popular for assessing a gem’s qualities. Read our blog to find out what makes GIA the best choice. 

Photo of jewelry displayed on a dark table, including a multi-gemstone bracelet.
Fashion & Style

Gemstone Jewelry Trends

From Ancient Egypt to modern day royalty, gemstone jewelry has always been fashionable. Learn more about how to wear the gemstone jewelry trend.

Silver and blue topaz necklace.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

December’s Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Birthstone of December and gemstone for Sagittarius, the cool blue topaz evokes the month’s icy weather.

Opal earrings and necklace.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

October’s Birthstone: Opal and Tourmaline

October may bring a particular palette to mind, but if this is your birthday month you get to choose from a kaleidoscopic of birthstone gems.