The Trendiest Diamond Shapes for 2024

White gold and diamond solitaire necklaces with round oval and pear diamonds. 

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When it comes to engagement rings and other fine jewelry, nothing compares to diamonds. These timeless gems are coveted for their beauty, their durability and their unique brilliance. You may have started to learn about the 4Cs of diamonds, but there’s another aspect to keep in mind: diamond shape. 

The shape of a diamond has a lot to do with how much it sparkles, how big it looks and even its value. Yes, diamond shape affects price. Both natural and lab grown diamonds are cut into a variety of shapes to highlight their best aspects. 

The most common diamond shapes are round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, Asscher, heart, radiant and marquise. Each has its own unique benefits and diamond shape history. Some shapes are over 100 years old, while others are newer. Because of the different timelines of these shapes, they each have their own associations with trends and style eras. 

If you’re looking to put together a truly contemporary piece of jewelry, it’s best to select one of this year’s most popular diamond shapes. 

Diamond Shape Differs from Cut

Diamond cut describes how well-proportioned a diamond is, especially in its faceting and depth. Diamond shape, on the other hand, refers to the geometric outline of a diamond. Shape is viewed from the top down, with the profile of the table playing a big role in the diamond’s shape. 

Often, people will refer to a specific diamond shape as its cut. So instead of calling a diamond cushion shaped, it may be called a cushion cut diamond. If you’re searching for loose diamonds for sale and you see shapes referred to as cuts, it’s safe to presume that the word cut is being used in place of the word shape. 

Which Diamond Shapes are Trending in 2024? 

As with all kinds of fashion, trends are always changing. This is also true for diamonds, with different shapes taking the spotlight over the years. But just because one shape is trendy doesn’t mean another shape is bad, it’s simply a matter of style preference. 

For 2024, the trendiest diamond shapes are round brilliants and elongated cuts such as oval, pear and emerald. Round diamonds are still the most popular of all, but 2024 will see additional shapes continuing to shine. After round brilliant diamonds, elongated cuts are popular picks for this year’s most in-demand diamond shapes. 

A modern diamond cut and setting design are crucial if you’re looking to stick with the latest engagement ring trends or jewelry styles. Whether you’re shopping for diamond stud earrings, a diamond necklace or other pieces, 2024’s trendy diamond shapes can help your look stand out. 

The Facets of Popular Diamond Shapes

This year’s most popular diamond shapes center on uniqueness, brilliance and callbacks to classic style. Learn more about 2024’s most popular diamond shapes and what makes them perfect for engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and other styles. 

Round Brilliant Diamonds are Always Popular

Round brilliant cut diamond

What comes to mind when you think of diamonds? Likely, it’s a round brilliant diamond set in a solitaire engagement ring. This quintessential diamond shape is faceted for brilliance, making it the most popular diamond cut. 

Round diamonds are the most popular shape, and for good reason. These gems are faceted for some of the best possible sparkle, offering scintillation at almost every angle. For decades, round diamonds have been the most popular for jewelry, especially rings. These circular diamonds can fit virtually any setting style and often hide inclusions well. 

The Rise of Elongated Diamonds

Any diamond that’s not the classic round shape is considered a fancy cut diamond. These diamonds are ideal for unique engagement rings, as they bring a special style to this symbolic jewelry. 

Oval shaped diamond 

Following round diamonds, elongated fancy shapes are the most popular diamonds for 2024. There are different diamond shapes leading the pack of trendy fancy cuts, including oval, pear and emerald cut diamonds. These are some of the most popular diamond shapes for rings. 

Pear shaped diamond 

Elongated curved shapes such as oval cut diamonds and pear shaped diamonds have continued to hold popularity from the past few years. These elongated cuts are incredibly flattering for many different wearers. They can also look larger for their carat weight due to the stone shape. This makes oval and pear diamonds some of the most popular diamond shapes after round diamonds. 

Emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamonds are another popular shape for 2024, but this shape is less contemporary than other elongated shapes. Emerald cut diamonds are a popular choice for those in search of a more classic take on the trendy elongated shapes. 

Bonus Trend: Unique Settings

The setting for a diamond or gemstone can influence how trendy its shape looks. For example, less trendy shapes can be turned into modern popular looks with a unique setting style. East west ring settings help bring new trendy looks to less common diamond shapes. 

Choosing the Best Diamond Shape

Five diamond and gold engagement rings with round, emerald and oval diamonds. 

If you’re looking for the “best” diamond shape, it’s important to focus on what fits your personality. There is no single best diamond shape for rings or other jewelry, but rather a variety of shapes to suit different styles. This year’s most popular shapes are a great starting point for getting inspiration to help you choose your best fit. For extra help finding your fit, contact our personal jewelers for a virtual jewelry shopping appointment or visit us in person at one of our local jewelry stores

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