The History of Heart Jewelry

Five gemstone and diamond necklaces including two heart necklaces.

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For centuries, the heart shape has been synonymous with love. It can be found in jewelry, on clothing, in greeting cards and even in cake shapes. In jewelry, the heart shape always showcases love through pendants, gemstones and even diamonds. This jewelry continues to be a stylishly symbolic representation of love and commitment with people wearing heart rings, heart earrings, heart necklaces and other designs of this iconic jewelry. 

Heart jewelry is often given as a Valentine’s Day gift, an anniversary gift or even as an engagement ring. There’s a piece of heart jewelry for virtually any occasion, style and budget. 

Modern Heart Jewelry Meanings

Today, heart jewelry has seen popularity in lockets, heart-shaped engagement rings, heart earrings, heart necklaces and heart bracelets. This jewelry shape always signifies love, though the exact love it represents can differ from one person to the next. Typically, heart jewelry showcases a romantic, familial or friendship connection. It can also represent a journey of self-love when someone purchases this kind of jewelry for themselves. 

With different meanings and styles, this jewelry is a great choice for many occasions. Learn more about the history of heart jewelry pieces to find inspiration in choosing a piece of jewelry with this lovable motif.

The History of Heart Jewelry

The heart’s romantic connections can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, where it was believed that the heart was the at the center for feelings of love. Ancient Romans took the symbolism even further, with people wearing women’s or men’s wedding rings on the fourth finger due to beliefs that this finger was directly connected to the heart.

Yellow gold and mother of pearl heart locket.

In 14th century Medieval Europe, the now-ubiquitous heart shape started to signify love. Heart jewelry in the iconic shape started to emerge, as did poetry that further linked hearts to their symbolism of love.

For the next few centuries, heart jewelry came into and out of fashion. Queen Victoria cemented heart jewelry’s popularity and its ties to love in the 19th century. With pieces such as a multi-charm heart bracelet and a heart pendant necklace, she showcased how meaningful this jewelry style can be. 

Since then, heart jewelry has been directly associated with love. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings with designs in the classic heart shape are often gifted for romantic holidays such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. 

Famous Heart Jewelry

With such a long history, heart jewelry gifts span generations. Over the years, there have been several iconic pieces of heart jewelry that showcase the importance of this romantic shape. From famous diamonds to royal jewelry, heart shapes are repeated in many jewels.

Iconic Heart Necklaces and Bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets are the most famous style of heart jewelry. Perhaps the most famous wearer of heart jewelry, Queen Victoria had a heart pendant necklace and heart bracelet with multiple charms that she wore throughout her life. Her pendant was a locket featuring hair from Prince Albert as a child, and she also wore a charm bracelet with multiple heart charms in gold and enamel. 

The Victorian era had people worldwide wearing heart jewelry, with gate bracelets serving as one of the most notable styles of this time. The heart motif can be found in many pieces of jewelry from this era, and its style has continued through to the present day. 

Sweetheart jewelry is another iconic style of heart-shaped jewelry. People with loved ones at war during WWI and WWII often wore silver heart necklaces or bracelets to remind them of their loved ones. The jewelry often featured patriotic symbolism alongside the heart motif. Today, many heart pendant necklaces echo this jewelry with lockets and romantic designs. 

Heart bracelets and necklaces are still popular today, with modern counterparts echoing classic designs. Just as in centuries past, these styles evoke deep meaning

Heart Tag Bracelet In 14k Yellow Gold


You can start your own look of the iconic 19th century charm bracelet with this heart tag bracelet in 14k yellow gold. With a classic rolo chain, it’s easy to attach charms to this bracelet or wear the heart style all on its own. 

Sweetheart Locket In Sterling Silver


Heart-shaped lockets, such as this sterling silver locket, are the epitome of meaningful heart necklaces. For a true echo of WWII sweetheart jewelry, choose a sterling silver heart necklace. Because silver was not rationed during that time, its metal was a popular choice for sweetheart jewelry. 

Diamond Heart Pendant With Blue Resin In 14k Yellow Gold

Diamond Heart Pendant With Blue Resin In 14k Yellow Gold

For a different take on the classic heart pendant, choose a contemporary style. This blue resin and diamond heart pendant showcases a deep blue design for a contrasting look

Other Notable Heart Jewelry Pieces

Claddagh rings are some of the most popular heart rings. These traditional Irish rings represent love, loyalty and friendship with the heart in the middle representing love. Dating back to the 17th century, these heart rings have significant social and cultural meanings

If you are looking for a ring that symbolizes love, we invite you to explore our wide selection of rings. We offer rings in heart shapes such as this heart-shaped garnet ring and this plain gold heart ring.

Finding Heart Jewelry

Photo of a woman’s necklace stack ,she is wearing a diamond heart necklace.

We make it easy to find the perfect piece of heart-shaped jewelry for any occasion. Our jewelry experts are available to help you find the right style for yourself or someone you love.

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