2022 Holiday Proposal Ideas

Twinkling holiday lights, time with family, warm gatherings and celebration in the air – the holiday season is an exciting time that’s often electric with love and connection. Many people want to enhance the spirit of the season by choosing to propose at Christmas, Hanukkah or the many additional holidays celebrated during this time of year. A holiday proposal can be a truly memorable surprise. Ready to write a holiday proposal into your love story? We invite you to explore our tips for planning your special moment along with holiday proposal ideas.

Ring it On

Any holiday proposal starts with the perfect engagement ring for your partner. We offer women’s and men’s engagement rings in a variety of styles and metals, making it easy to find the fit for your loved one. Choose from classic diamond styles or alternative looks such as rings featuring prominent gemstones or nontraditional metals.

The right ring is one that matches your partner’s style and your personal budget. We offer rings in any style, including settings inspired by vintage engagement rings, unique designs and on-trend looks for men and women.

Holiday Proposal Ideas

The energetic holiday season is a popular time for proposals, with many heartwarming stories about getting engaged on Christmas that can inspire your own holiday proposal. We’re sharing some of our favorite stories about proposing at Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday season moments.

Proposing at Christmas with a Gift Under the Tree

One of the best plans for a Christmas proposal is to hide the ring as a gift under the tree. After all, family often gathers to open Christmas presents so your partner’s loved ones will be present for the special moment. For a little extra mystery, pack the diamond or gemstone engagement ring jewelry box in another larger box so your partner is truly surprised by this romantic holiday proposal.

Proposing on the 8th Night of Hanukkah

Hanukkah involves eight nights of gift giving, with many families choosing smaller gifts throughout the holiday. Of course, a sparkling halo, three-stone or solitaire engagement ring also makes a perfect gift as a surprise proposal any night of the holiday. For added romance to this holiday proposal plan, consider popping the question on the 8th night of Hannukah and giving your partner small gifts that signify milestones in your relationship for the first 7 nights of celebrations. These gifts will culminate in your Hanukkah proposal on the 8th night.

Advent Calendar Surprise

In the spirit of compounding a romantic gift that culminates during your proposal, advent calendars are another option for proposing at Christmas. Typically, an advent calendar has 25 days of gifts that start on December 1st and end on the 25th. There are shorter options available that begin later in the month as well. Find the right number of gifts for your partner and make sure that the engagement ring, such as a shining halo engagement ring, is the final gift in the advent calendar.

For an extra personal touch to this holiday proposal, consider filling the rest of the advent calendar with tokens or reminders of your relationship’s most romantic moments. This can be tickets to the very first concert you attended together, a gift card to the restaurant where you had your first date or even one of your first photos together.

Hiding the Ring

The holiday season is synonymous with sweet treats such as hot chocolate, sugar cookies and candy canes. Sweet holiday proposal ideas include hiding the ring in a package of your partner’s favorite holiday treats or having a hot cocoa date night that ends with you popping the question.

Ornamental Holiday Proposal

This holiday proposal idea involves the iconic Christmas tree but with a different take. Instead of hiding your platinum, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold engagement ring under the tree, this proposal involves hiding the ring on the tree. You can hide the ring in an ornament or even carefully dangle the ring directly on the tree while you and your partner are decorating. When they go to hang an ornament in that spot, they’ll be surprised to find a sparkling engagement ring waiting for them!

Proposing on Vacation

Many couples choose to travel during the holiday season and proposing during these trips can be an exciting surprise for your partner. Consider popping the question once you’ve reached your destination to create a lasting memory for your relationship.

Spell it in Lights

Whether you’re driving to explore lights throughout your community or decorating your home, twinkling lights are a wonderful way to propose to your partner. To use Christmas lights in your holiday proposal, consider spelling out “Will you marry me?” in lights or purchasing a pre-lit board that displays the pivotal question.

Planning Your Holiday Proposal

When it comes to proposing on Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday, the exact way you pop the question will be unique for your love story. Choose a proposal that feels like a great match for you, your partner and your relationship. If your partner is introverted, you may want a more one-on-one proposal to keep this special moment personal. If your soon-to-be fiancé loves being the center of the show, a more attention-grabbing proposal may be a great fit!

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