The Secrets of Hidden Halo Rings

Looking for an engagement ring with a sparkling secret? Hidden halo engagement rings are an increasingly popular choice that brings a unique twist to the halo style. In a hidden halo ring, the encircling sparkle of diamonds or gemstones is hidden beneath the top of the setting, adding unexpected sparkle to new angles. Considering a hidden halo ring? Let’s take a deeper look at this unique and sparkling setting style.

What are hidden halo rings?

In a traditional halo ring, there is a main gemstone that is encircled by diamonds or other gemstones in a design where this halo can be viewed from the top of the ring. Typically, the halo is comprised of pavé or micropavé stones. A hidden halo engagement ring still encircles the main gem with a halo of smaller stones, but the halo is viewable from a different angle ring rather than the top. Most often, the hidden halo is visible from the ring’s side profile. This is what differentiates the two halo engagement ring styles from each other, a traditional halo can be seen from the top of the ring while a hidden halo is seen from the side or another unexpected viewpoint.

What does a hidden halo do for a ring?

A halo, even one that’s hidden, can add extra sparkle to an engagement ring’s main gemstone by adding additional light reflection beneath the stone. It also adds a unique element to the ring by bringing additional texture, sparkle and beauty to other angles of the ring. The wearer will love the extra shine their hidden halo ring brings from additional viewpoints.

Should hidden halos use diamonds or other gemstones?

While diamonds are the most popular choice for a hidden halo ring, many gemstone engagement rings also incorporate the secret halo look. Choose from any combination for the perfect hidden halo ring, such as a gemstone ring with a hidden halo of diamonds or a diamond solitaire with a secret halo of sapphires.

Hidden Halo Ring Pros

As secret halo rings grow in popularity, many people are discovering the benefits of this ring style firsthand. There are many pros to hidden halo rings, including:

  • Customization flexibility that doesn’t detract from the center stone.
  • The ability to wear a classic-looking engagement ring while still having a unique twist to the design.
  • Adding extra sparkle to the overall ring setting.
  • Additional elements in the design, with a secret halo bringing added sparkle to any diamond shape.
  • Giving the main stone a lift both literally and visually.
  • Personalization for any engagement ring, with a subtle sparkle that is often most visible to the wearer.

There are countless ways to customize a hidden halo ring to bring added benefits. If you choose a secret halo of diamonds, consider the shape of these gems for a cohesive look. Adding a secret row of gemstones is the perfect way to incorporate your love story into the hidden halo ring by selecting birthstones that represent the month you met or proposed.

Hidden Halo Ring Cons

While there are many benefits to choosing a hidden halo ring, there are also some considerations to keep in mind:

  • To support a hidden halo, these rings may have a higher setting or taller basket. While this isn’t necessarily a drawback for most, it may not be a good fit for wearers who work with their hands.
  • Pavé halos may require additional care to keep their sparkle strong, such as a little extra cleaning.
  • Depending on the overall thickness and shape of the ring, you may need to opt for specific types of wedding bands to accommodate the hidden halo engagement ring. Curved bands are always a popular choice to match this style.

When additional height and stones are added to a ring, it can become a little more delicate in terms of wearability. The best way to protect a hidden halo ring from damage is to remove it when gardening, exercising, cooking or engaging in any other hands-on activities.

Celebrity Hidden Halo Rings

As the popularity of this ring style has continued to grow, many celebrities are sporting their own hidden halo engagement rings. Model Jasmine Tookes sports an oval engagement ring with a hidden halo of round-cut diamonds that brings additional sparkle to the beautiful setting. Hailey Baldwin also sports a hidden halo ring, with her yellow gold engagement ring from Justin Bieber featuring a halo just beneath the diamond. Kim Kardashian’s famous engagement ring from Kanye West also featured a secret halo beneath the large diamond.

Finding the Right Hidden Halo Ring

The hidden halo engagement ring trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and luckily there are many options for this look. Here are some features you should look for when buying a hidden halo engagement ring:

  • Halo location. Some of the most popular secret halo rings feature the namesake halo beneath the diamond in the basket of the setting. But hidden halos can be located throughout the ring and some may even be partially visible from above. Consider which halo location is best for the wearer’s personal style.
  • Halo type. Are you looking for a halo with small diamonds, micropavé, pavé or larger halo stones? The size of the gemstones within the secret halo will impact how large the setting is overall.
  • Gemstone type. While diamonds are the most popular choice for main stones and halo gems, there are other gemstones that fit well in the hidden or partially hidden halo design. Hidden gemstones wrapped around a center diamond can add contrasting colors for a truly unique engagement ring design.
  • Ring setting metal type. The metal you choose will influence how prominent or understated the hidden halo is. We offer hidden halo rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets of hidden halo engagement rings, you’re ready to find the perfect ring for your partner! Browse our impressive selection of halo and hidden halo rings online or stop by your nearest Blue Nile jewelry store to see these beautiful rings up close.

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