2023 Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring represents the everlasting connection you have with your partner. Today’s most popular styles encompass timeless designs and of-the-moment elements for a piece that’s unique to the wearer’s personality. As we look ahead towards 2023 engagement ring trends, we’re seeing styles that reprise iconic shapes and even new designs all their own.

Romantic, hidden halo, elongated fancy cut and multi-stone rings are sure to be some of 2023’s biggest engagement ring trends. Learn more about these rings and find the perfect fit for your special moment.

Popular 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement ring design trends have changed over the years, and some old styles are new again. Whether you’re searching for rings that echo classic shapes or you’re looking for modern engagement ring ideas, these rings are sure to shine. We’re sharing our favorite styles and modern engagement ring ideas that will be leading choices in 2023.

Romantic Styles

Romantic rings are growing in popularity for 2023. These dreamy rings often feature intertwining rows of diamonds, bead details and shapes fit for a true expression of love. Popular 2023 romantic ring styles often feature special cuts of accent stones, such as small pear diamonds that mimic petals around a rose of the center gemstone. These romantic styles feature handcrafted details that elevate the ring from every angle.

Many modern designs are based on vintage engagement rings and incorporate 2023’s biggest romantic styles for on-trend rings that also feel like heirlooms.

Hidden Halo Rings

Hidden halo rings are an emerging 2023 ring trend that represents the special connection two people share. Pop the question with a hidden halo ring to give your partner a secret view of diamonds that are just for them. These rings feature a hidden row of diamonds that is most viewable for the wearer, adding extra sparkle that’s all theirs to behold. 2023 will see continued demand for the hidden halo ring style.

While the most popular secret halo engagement ring styles for 2023 focus on diamonds, there are rings that can incorporate gemstones like sapphires as well.

Elongated Fancy Cut Diamonds

While romantic and hidden halo settings are growing as increasingly popular ring designs, 2023 will also see increased demand for additional diamond shapes. Round brilliant diamonds are still popular choices, but more couples are looking for additional shapes. Fancy cut diamonds of additional shapes will continue bringing unique shine and profiles to engagement rings in 2023. Some of 2023’s trendiest engagement rings include elongated fancy cut diamonds that bring increased finger coverage and sparkle. Emerald cut diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds, marquise diamonds and oval diamonds are leading styles for 2023 engagement rings.

Two-Stone Rings

While solitaire rings are still a popular choice, 2023 will see an additional type of ring increase in popularity. Two-stone engagement rings are sure to be one of 2023’s biggest engagement ring trends. First Ladies, movie stars and pop stars have all worn the now-iconic two-stone engagement ring style.

Jackie Kennedy’s two-stone ring helped popularize this style. This trendy engagement ring design can be highly symbolic, representing both partners and their deep connection. Megan Fox and Ariana Grande’s two-stone engagement rings have proven that this engagement ring trend isn’t going anywhere and will continue to grow in popularity.

Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone diamond ring styles have been popular for years and 2023 will see an increased demand for these romantic designs. Three-stone engagement rings typically represent a couple’s past, present and their future. They often feature a larger main stone flanked by two slightly smaller gemstones. Most often, diamonds are the gemstone of choice. But some three-stone styles incorporate a larger diamond surrounded by smaller gemstones such as sapphires.

Celebrities are also onto the three-stone trend with Megan Markle, Christina Ricci and Nicole Kidman sporting their own three-stone styles.

2023’s Popular Engagement Ring Metals

Rings set in precious metals such as platinum and gold have been popular choices that continue to stand the test of time. Some of 2023’s most popular engagement ring trends include white-hued metals and comebacks of classic gold shades.

If you’re searching for a ring that matches everything, platinum engagement rings are a standout choice for 2023 styles. Platinum is an incredibly durable metal that offers a white sheen that can match any other jewelry. For a more affordable platinum alternative, consider white gold engagement rings in modern styles.

14k white gold is expected to be the most popular metal for trendy engagement rings in 2023.

Yellow gold is also seeing a comeback, with many modern styles shining in this classic metal. Solitaire styles shine in yellow gold with warmer diamonds blending perfectly alongside the buttery metal. For even more romance in the ring design, opt for rose gold.

Emerging Men’s Engagement Jewelry Trends

Love comes in all forms, and modern proposals often include men’s engagement rings that are exchanged between two partners. While there are still plenty of plain metal rings to choose from, many wearers are looking for unique options that match their personalities. Men’s engagement ring styles will continue to evolve in 2023, with the trendiest designs featuring nature-inspired finishes, mixed metals or even channel-set solitaire diamonds.

For 2023’s popular engagement rings in men’s styles, couples can focus on the year’s most popular metals: platinum, white gold or yellow gold. There are also alternative metals, such as tantalum and tungsten, that will continue to adorn men’s hands in 2023 and beyond.

Diamond Size Trends

While we’re proud to offer certified diamonds in a wide variety of sizes, 2023 is expected to see all shapes around the 2 carat size standout as popular choices. 2 carat diamond rings are a standout choice in virtually any diamond shape. This carat weight is right at home among the most popular ring designs for 2023.

What Rings are Trending Now?

Today, we’re seeing many ring designs that will stay trendy well into 2023. Think fancy-shaped diamonds, multi-gemstone settings and showstopping 2 carat stones.

What Kind of Engagement Rings are in Style for 2023?

Romantic, hidden halo and two-stone rings are some of the trendiest designs for 2023. Many of these styles come in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Platinum and white gold are the most popular engagement ring metals for 2023, with yellow gold coming back into mainstream fashion as well.

What is the Most Popular Engagement Ring Shape for 2023?

Some of the most popular engagement ring shapes for 2023 include two-stone, oval, pear, marquise, round and emerald diamonds.

Proposing in 2023

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