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How to Choose a Memorable Playlist for Your Wedding

October 14, 2020
The right wedding music can help your guests feel joy. Here's how to choose a memorable playlist to elevate your wedding day.
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How to Plan A Small Wedding At Home During The Pandemic

Wedding experts share their secrets to help you plan a beautiful small wedding at home during the pandemic.
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How to Keep Your Diamonds Clean & Sparkling

While diamonds are forever, the truth is that no diamond remains brilliant and shiny without regular cleaning and proper care. So, if you've noticed that your stones have become dull, read on for guidelines on how to keep your diamonds clean and sparkling for many years to come.
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Gold Rush: Top Picks from Our Anniversary Sale

See what Alex, our trendspotting jewelry buyer at Blue Nile, identifies as the top picks from our annual Anniversary Sale. Hint: At the moment, she's loving all things yellow gold—the classic precious metal that’s currently soaring to the top of the style charts (and in the commodities market, too).
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2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Finding the right style of engagement ring is crucial. Here is a look at popular 2020 engagement ring trends can provide inspiration for this all-important symbol of your love.
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8 Romantic Pandemic Marriage Proposals

Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Wedding Proposal! Here are inspiring stories of 8 couples who found creative ways to get engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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How to Plan a Romantic Wedding Proposal During the Pandemic

Advice from nine experts who specialize in creating special proposal moments, to help you plan the perfect proposal, even during the pandemic.
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