Bracelet Style Quiz

Woman wearing multiple bracelets including tennis bracelets, gold bracelets and bangles.

There are many different kinds of bracelets to choose from including bangles, tennis, pearl, gold and silver styles. Bracelets are the perfect accessory for women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry, gifts and more. 

You can find your perfect piece by taking our bracelet quiz to find your fit 

Photo of a woman’s hands, she is wearing gold and diamond bracelets.

Bracelet Style Quiz

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What kind of clasp do you prefer?

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Which of these jewelry trends is your favorite?

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How would you describe your personal style?

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What’s your favorite piece of jewelry to wear daily?

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What’s the most important feature of your perfect bracelet?

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What kind of jewelry do you already own the most of?

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How often do are you planning on wearing your bracelet?

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Of the following jewelry pieces, which is your favorite? 

Questions and Answers About Our Bracelet Quiz

Woman wearing bracelets including a bangle and tennis bracelet. 
How do I choose the right bracelet?

To pick the perfect bracelet, focus on choosing a piece that fits your personal style. Picking a bracelet that fits in with your current jewelry collection is a great starting point. 

You can use a piece of measuring tape around the widest part of your wrist to find your bracelet size. Women’s bracelets are typically anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5 inches long, while men’s bracelets are usually 8 inches. You can visit one of our showrooms or schedule a virtual jewelry shopping appointment for expert assistance in finding your fit

Yes, bracelets without commonly irritating metals are considered hypoallergenic jewelry. This includes bracelets made of gold, platinum and silver

Shopping for Bracelets

Woman wearing a bracelet stack with gemstone, diamond and pearl bracelets.

Now that you’ve found your bracelet style pick, it’s time to explore our wide selection of bracelets in men’s and women’s styles. As the leading online jeweler, we offer high-quality bracelets for any style and budget. You can browse our selections online or at our local jewelry stores.

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