Woman smiling in lab grown diamond jewelry necklaces and a tennis bracelet.
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This Year’s Leading Lab Grown Diamond Gifts

Lab grown diamonds are the top of many wish lists. Find the perfect lab grown diamond jewelry gift with our leading rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Diamond and sapphire jewelry in white gold displayed on travel jewelry boxes.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Planning a trip? Bring your favorite jewelry along for the fun with these packing tips.

Diamond necklaces in heart, cross and three-stone designs draped around a holiday gift box. 
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Jewelry Holiday Gift Ideas for 2023

Jewelry is a timeless gift everyone can enjoy. Explore our holiday gift guide to find the right presents for anyone on your list.

Rose gold and white gold jewelry displayed on a storage tray.
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How to Store and Display Your Jewelry

There are many options for jewelry storage, including armoires, dishes, displays and custom furniture. The right storage keeps your collection organized and safe.

Woman in a red dress wearing statement earrings and a diamond necklace.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

The Anatomy of Statement Jewelry

Showcase your personal style with eye-catching statement jewelry. Learn more about what sets these pieces apart.

Photo of a bride and groom sitting next to each other with their hands touching, their faces are not visible.
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Choosing Wedding Nails

Pick the perfect polish, nail shape and added designs with these tips and tricks for bridal nails.

Engaged couple hugging.
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How Soon is Too Soon to Propose?

Every relationship is unique, but there are some signs that you may be ready to tie the knot.

Sitting woman smiling with diamond jewelry on.
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Building An Everyday Jewelry Wardrobe

Whether you’re building a new jewelry wardrobe or you’re expanding your jewelry collection, there are staples that work for daily wear. Get the list here.

Yellow gold engagement ring with loose diamonds around it. 
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

What is the Best Diamond Certification?

Diamond grading reports from GIA and IGI are popular for assessing a gem’s qualities. Read our blog to find out what makes GIA the best choice.