Stud earrings including blue sapphires, pink sapphires and rubies.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

All About Sapphire Colors

Blue isn’t the only shade for sapphires. Choose from a wide array of sapphire colors including pink, purple, yellow, white and even green.

Married couple celebrating with confetti on their vow renewal day.
Love is Brilliant

The Guide to Vow Renewals

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies are popular celebrations for honoring continued love and commitment.

Tennis necklaces in diamonds and gemstones
Fashion & Style

Trendy Fancy Diamond Colors for 2024

Fancy color diamonds are rare, eye-catching gems that can enhance any jewelry. Discover the most popular fancy diamond colors for 2024.

Three two-stone gold necklaces and three-two stone gold rings with diamonds and gemstones in yellow, white and rose gold.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

What is Waterproof Jewelry?

Not all waterproof jewelry is created equal. Find out what makes platinum and gold some of the best metals for durable waterproof, sweat proof and tarnish proof jewelry.

Paper sign pointing to a wedding reception. 
Love is Brilliant

Guide to Wedding Hashtags

Looking for the perfect wedding hashtag? Explore these tips for finding the right hashtag for your celebrations.

Six men's and women’s wedding bands including eternity, diamond, gold and gemstone rings.
Fashion & Style

Wedding Ring Quiz

Take the wedding ring quiz to find the perfect ring style for your wedding stack. Find men’s and women’s styles with diamonds, gold and more.

Mother of pearl lockets next to a gold locket. 
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

All About Mother of Pearl

Unique, iridescent and classic mother of pearl has a rich history. It’s a popular choice for some of today’s trendiest jewelry designs. Discover its origins and what makes it so special.

Smiling woman wearing tennis bracelets.
Diamonds & Jewelry 101

How Iconic Jewelry Pieces Got Their Names

Find out more about the story of how the tennis bracelet got its name, what makes herringbone necklaces unique, the origin of the word bangle and more.

White gold and diamond solitaire necklaces with round oval and pear diamonds. 
Fashion & Style

The Trendiest Diamond Shapes for 2024

This year’s most popular diamond shapes include round brilliant diamonds and elongated cuts such as oval and pear diamonds. Discover 2024’s most popular diamond shapes.