The Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings in 2021


The holiday season is almost upon us, and along with cooler weather and gingerbread lattes comes one of our favorite times of the year-engagement season! According to the proposal survey from Chillisauce, there are more proposals between December 24th and January 1st than at any other time of year.

If you’re planning to pop the question before the year is out—congratulations! You have a lot to organize, and one of the most important aspects of the proposal is the engagement ring. Luckily, we’ve used our research to rank our best-selling engagement ring settings of 2021 and help you choose the ring of your partner’s dreams.

What is an engagement ring setting?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an engagement ring, but choosing the right setting is a great place to start. When a jeweler talks about a ring’s setting, they are referring to the band that goes around the finger. You have the option to choose from several metal types and band widths for the setting. You also have to decide on the stone type and how many will be placed along the band.

Let’s take a look as we reveal the best selling engagement ring settings for 2021:

1. Solitaire engagement rings

It comes as no surprise that solitaire engagement rings accounted for 30% of all rings purchased from Blue Nile in 2021. Simple and elegant, the center stone is the star of the show.

A solitaire setting refers to a plain metal band that showcases a single diamond or gemstone. Solitaire settings work with stones of any shape or size. Go for a timeless look with a round diamond, or showcase your unique style with a fancy-shaped diamond or colored gemstone.

Best for: People who love simplicity. If your partner hasn’t dropped a hint about the type of ring they might like, a solitaire is a great choice. The classic design means the wearer can dress up the ring with an ornate wedding band. In July 2018, Justin Beiber famously proposed to Hailey Baldwin with an oval cut solitaire in 18-carat yellow gold.

Our most popular solitaire engagement ring


Classic Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

With the classic simple solitaire setting, you have a plain 2.5 mm white gold band with four slim prongs to hold your stone securely in place. A four-prong setting will give you sharper edges and works well with square diamonds such as princess, emerald, or asscher cut diamonds.

2. Pavé engagement rings

Coming in at number two with over 21% of sales is the pavé engagement ring. Pavé settings feature petite diamonds placed closely together along the sides of the band. The word pavé is French for ”paved,” as a pavé engagement ring looks like it’s been paved in diamonds. These small diamonds enhance the brilliance and shine of the rings’ center gemstone or diamond.

In addition to the standard pavé, there are three common stylizations to choose from. When the side stones on a pavè ring are smaller than about .01 carats, it is referred to as a micro-pavé setting. Petite pavé uses smaller prongs, which allow more of the small stones to be seen. The third style is a French pavé, which replaces the standard u-shaped prong with a v-shaped prong.

Best for: Those looking for extra glamour without the bulk. With a vast array of pavé settings to choose from, it’s easy to find one that fits your budget and aesthetic. When former bachelorette heartthrob Wells Adams proposed to Sarah Hyland in 2019, he presented her with a sparkling oval cut diamond set in a yellow gold pavé band.

Our most popular pavé engagement ring

Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)


The petite micropavé setting features a half circle of lustrous, small diamonds set in a 14k white gold band to complement and enhance the shine of whichever center diamond you choose. Having pavé along the top half of the band only helps ensure your diamonds stay safe and secure, as you are more likely to knock and displace diamonds on the underside of your band.

3. Cathedral engagement rings

Our third best-selling style for engagement rings is the cathedral setting. Like the solitaire engagement ring, a cathedral engagement ring showcases a single center stone with a metal band. What makes a cathedral setting unique is the structure of the band.

Reminiscent of cathedral architecture, cathedral engagement rings feature raised arches that flank the center stone. These arches provide extra support and a distinguished profile to the ring. The space between the arches and the stone can be left empty or filled with a decorative pattern for a vintage look. The height of a cathedral engagement ring allows for a wedding band to nest easily under your center stone.

Best for: The bride searching for a traditional ring setting that will stand the test of time. While beautiful, the raised style of ring does have greater potential for wear and tear and may be best suited to those who don’t work with their hands. In 2009, The Office star John Krasinski proposed to English actress Emily Blunt with a vintage-inspired cathedral engagement ring featuring a three-carat center diamond and platinum band.

Our most popular cathedral engagement ring

Petite Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring in Platinum


Featuring elegant cathedral shoulders, the petite cathedral solitaire engagement ring in platinum is a classic style. Platinum is known for its durability, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Elongated diamond shapes such as oval or marquise work well in this split shank style.

4. Infinity engagement rings

Our 4th best-selling engagement ring style represents never-ending love. The twisted bands on an infinity engagement ring are interwoven to incorporate the figure-eight infinity symbol.

Available with or without pavé diamonds in the band, the infinity ring works with round diamonds and fancy shapes such as pear, cushion and asscher cut as your center stone. The infinity setting directs the eye towards the center stone, giving it a prominent and visible position.

Best for: The sentimental type. An infinity engagement ring has a beautiful and unique appearance that symbolizes your eternal love. Keep in mind that an infinity setting may require more cleaning and upkeep due to the shape of the band. After Channing Tatum met Jenna Dewan on the set of the movie Step Up, he proposed to her with an interlocking infinity design.

Our most popular infinity engagement ring

Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)


The petite twist diamond engagement ring features a delicate twist of pavé-set diamonds that will complement your center diamond. The deep pink hue of 14k rose gold metal adds to the romance of the infinity design. Choose 18k rose gold for a slightly lighter pink tone.

5. Halo engagement rings

Our fifth most popular engagement ring setting is the halo. Halo engagement rings are made up of pavé diamonds or gemstones placed in a design around the center stone. A halo makes the center stone appear larger than it actually is.

A double halo setting consists of two rows of diamonds that encircle the center stone. They are a great, cost-effective way to achieve that head-turning look.

You can choose to add colored gemstones in your halo, or as your center stone to create contrast for a unique look.

Best for: People who want a show-stopping ring. Pair your halo or double halo with a pavé band for extra bling. For her birthday, rapper Cardi B received a lavish 8-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring surrounded by a double halo of pink and white diamonds.

Our most popular halo engagement ring

Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1/3 ct. tw.)


Our twisted halo diamond engagement ring showcases a single halo of pavé-set diamonds around the center stone, and along the twisting shank for a truly dazzling look. This setting pairs perfectly with a classic round diamond.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your unique style

We know that choosing the perfect engagement ring can be both exciting and nerve-racking! It can be hard to know where to start. The setting is the foundation of your ring design, and will help guide you in your choice of center stone.

Remember that an engagement ring should reflect the wearer’s personal style. While there is a lot to consider, it’s important to pick the ring that resonates with their lifestyle and budget, regardless of current trends. Talk to your partner about what they are looking for, or if you want to surprise them, be sure to take a peek at their current jewelry collection to get an idea of their personal taste.


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