How to Coordinate Your Jewelry With Your Personal Style


Jewelry is the perfect accessory for every outfit, but how can you choose the right pieces to complement your personal style? Each person has a unique style that makes them feel good; it could be an eclectic mix of vintage pieces, a minimal and pared-back look, luxe opulence, beachy or boho vibes—or a mix, or any of the above depending on the occasion.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular looks right now, the jewelry that coordinates with them and some fun ideas for pairing them together.

What’s your personal style?

Have you ever thought about how you define your style? Maybe you identify with a certain look, whether it be a particular vintage era, beachy, boho or something in between. Perhaps you like to blend a few styles in one to create your own unique look. Some trends stand the test of time and those that come and go, so it’s also easy to have fun experimenting and evolving your style.

If you’re not sure of your style, there are some things to consider which will help you get inspired.

Consider comfort

If you are someone that likes comfort, think about the shapes and fabrics that lend themselves to feeling relaxed and at ease. For example, bohemian and sports luxe are good go-to styles when it comes to comfort. Bohemian looks feature flowy dresses, skirts and topics in comfy fabrics like linen and cheesecloth. Sports luxe pieces are more practical but with a stylish edge, like well-cut sweaters and workout pants. Likewise, you could opt for a minimal look with clean lines and natural fabrics that work with the shape of the body, not against it.

What do you connect with?

Another way to help you identify what styles you align with is to simply look around you. Have a glance at others on the street and browse magazines and Instagram or Pinterest. By doing this, you will see what looks you find visually appealing. You may also notice what you find flattering on others, and decide to take the same route yourself. Looking at works well on other people with a similar body type is another great way to gain some inspiration. We are all different, and finding what is comfortable and flattering for you will enable you to pick items that will help you feel good inside and out.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up

It is also important to remember that you’re not limited to one style or look. You might enjoy mixing styles or changing your look depending on the occasion and what mood you find yourself in. That’s ok! Having your jewelry collection stocked with a variety of different styles will be a great help if you like to mix things up.

Once you are confident with your style, it becomes easier to pick jewelry items to complete your outfit. Whether it’s a necklace, an engagement ring or something more specific like a tennis bracelet, there are pieces of jewelry to go with any outfit.

Coordinating your jewelry with your look

With so many types of jewelry out there, choosing the right pieces to complement your style can feel like an overwhelming task. While we can’t list every style here, let’s take a look at some key looks to get you started.



Image credit: Brooke Cagle

If you love the boho look, there is plenty of jewelry to complement your style. Boho embraces a “more is more” approach to jewelry—think lots of layered necklaces, including different lengths and textures, stackable rings, beading, charms and plenty of dainty bracelets and bangles.

Silver is popular for this look, although gold can be equally as beautiful, especially against warmer skin tones. Gemstones like amethyst and opals are valued for their natural beauty. Inspiration for this trend comes from nature including butterfly and bumblebee necklaces, as well as astrology and cosmic symbols like moon and star pendants.

Boho Jewelry: Get the look

Metals: Silver, brushed gold

Stones: Turquoise, opals, amethyst, lab-grown diamonds

Key Styles: Layered necklaces, stacked rings, ornate details


Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand

Petite Infinity Rings Pendant

Minimalist styles lend themselves to finer jewelry pieces, cleaner lines and a “less is more” approach. Super-fine jewelry pieces suit this look—think fine, dainty necklaces, simple metal bands, pearl necklaces, diamond earrings and dainty pendants on a thin metal necklace. Rings that suit this look are thin with minimal detailing or stones. Some people may think minimalist clothing doesn’t pair well with jewelry, but there are plenty of subtle, “barely there” pieces that can effortlessly enhance the overall look.

Minimalist Jewelry: Get the look

Metals: Silver, gold, rose gold

Stones: Diamonds, pearls

Key Styles: Fine metal bands, drop earrings, thin necklaces



Image credit: Les Anderson

Jewelry is timeless and one of the rare accessories that can be handed down from generation to generation. Whether it is authentic vintage jewelry or vintage-inspired jewelry, there is a wide variety of items that pair well if you love to rock a vintage style. Some enduring vintage pieces to consider adding to your collection are diamond earrings, pearl necklaces and bracelets, rich colored gemstones including sapphires and rubies and ornate metal details like those seen on filigree rings and pendants. Vintage-inspired jewelry is also a perfect idea if you’re looking for a timeless vintage engagement ring.

Vintage Jewelry: Get the look

Metals: Yellow gold, white gold, platinum

Stones: Diamonds, sapphires, rubies

Key styles: Pearl necklaces, filigree rings, art deco details


Corda Cushion-Cut London Blue Topaz Halo Ring

Diamond Rollover Hoop Earrings

Who doesn’t love a bit of luxe from time to time? Luxe doesn’t always have to be your go-to style, but when a special occasion arises, a touch of glamour can elevate your look and your mood. Whether you’re looking for everyday elegance or a long-awaited special occasion, there are plenty of jewelry pieces that will coordinate beautifully. Statement jewelry like a bold pendant necklace, large gold hoop earrings and oversized cocktail rings will help bring that extra ‘wow’ factor to your finished look.

Elegant-Luxe Jewelry: Get the look

Metals: Yellow gold, white gold

Stones: Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, diamonds

Key Styles: Bold pendant necklaces, large hoop earrings, oversized cocktail rings



The sports-luxe look has become more popular in recent years as the perfect balance of style and comfort. It’s also a great expression of wellbeing, self-care and body positivity. This look pairs well with plenty of jewelry, including pieces with strong, abstract shapes, hardware details and bold, chunky designs.

Our favorite sports-luxe jewelry includes large, gold abstract earrings, chunky diamond rings and thick choker necklaces. Sports luxe is perfect if you want to look relaxed but on-trend. All it takes is one added piece of jewelry to complete this look, making it a fuss-free way to elevate your style.

Sports Luxe Jewelry: Get the look

Metals: Yellow gold, platinum

Stones: Diamonds, lab-grown diamonds

Styles: Metal cuffs, choker necklaces, simple band rings


Petite Swiss Blue Topaz Oval Bracelet

Swiss Topaz Stationed Bezel-Set Bracelet

Not to be confused with boho, beachy style has a unique, separate aesthetic, and the same goes for the jewelry to match. A beachy look is inspired by shells, stones, and other found objects that come from the ocean. Think jewelry that beautifully incorporates colors like sea glass, which can be achieved with gems like blue topaz and aquamarine and sterling silver. Beachy jewelry is often low-key and fairly simple, which is perfect if you love to spend lazy days lounging by the shore.

Beachy Jewelry: Get the look

Metals: Sterling silver, white gold

Stones: Topaz, pearls, aquamarine

Styles: Thin rings, dainty pendant necklaces, drop earrings

Jewelry: the secret ingredient to enhance your look (and your mood!)

Jewelry has the unique power to complement your outfit and even lift your mood. Don’t underestimate the ability of a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a few rings to send your outfit to a different dimension. The best bit is—you can change your jewelry with your evolving style. By curating a jewelry collection of timeless and versatile pieces, you’re bound to find the perfect bit of shimmer and sparkle for every look.


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