15 Unique and Personal Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and that makes it a perfect time to propose. Even though it’s a popular time to pop the question, with a little thought and preparation, you can make the moment unique. Whether your partner is a romantic at heart, a stickler for tradition or as cool as they come, we’ll show you how to take your insight into your S.O.’s style and personality and make your Valentine’s Day proposal one-of-a-kind. Plus, we’ve paired up beautiful diamond engagement rings to complement every individual style.


When it comes down to it, there’s no surer bet than getting down on one knee. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put a unique and personal twist on this classic move. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to make your traditional proposal distinct.

  • If your fiancée puts family and friends front and center, popping the question surrounded by her favorite people is a lovely idea.
  • Create another memorable moment by proposing at the scene of your first date.
  • If your partner is culinary inclined, proposing at a favorite restaurant will win her hand—and heart— forever.

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Of course, having a gorgeous diamond engagement ring is also key. We recommend a diamond halo engagement ring for its timeless style and eternal beauty.


Like romance, these proposals take a bit of prep to pull off, but your sentimental sweetheart will swoon over all the effort you put into it.

  • There’s nothing more romantic than a stunning sunset. While it leaves a lot up to the weather, patience pays off—and waiting for just the right moment of peak color ups the element of surprise.
  • Take a cooking class together then surprise your fiancée-to-be with champagne, flowers and a candlelit, gourmet meal followed by your heartfelt proposal.
  • No romantic proposal list would be complete without suggesting that you ask your partner to be with you forever while vacationing in Paris.

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For the right engagement ring to complement your romantic proposal, consider heart-shaped diamonds and rose gold settings. Also, look for styles with embellishments like milgrain, twist bands or floral details that give your ring a vintage-inspired touch. Also, a ring that has an ornate matching wedding band reads romance.


For many modern couples, shared interests (especially more unexpected ones) are essential. Rely on your social-media savvy, individuality and inventiveness to enhance these cool and modern proposal ideas.

  • Are you in a pinball league? Host a weekly dinner with friends? Never miss a local team’s game? Create a Facebook event and plan a proposal during your favorite shared activity.
  • Involving your pet in your engagement is personal, adorable and instant Instagram gold.
  • Proposing at your favorite local band concert is unique and unexpected. All it takes is a DM to ask the front man to pause the set and announce your proposal in front of your fellow fans.

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If you’re proposing to one of these one-of-a-kind individuals this Valentine’s Day, fancy-shaped diamonds (especially asscher and emerald cuts) read wholly modern, with satisfying geometric appeal. Gemstone engagement rings are also unique, amazing and on-trend.


If you know your partner wants to be center stage, try a proposal idea straight out of the movies. Here are our top tips for a glamorous, silver screen-inspired set up.

  • Is there a restaurant that requires reservations months in advance? Make a scene when you get down on one knee beside the hottest table in town.
  • A literal movie proposal? All it takes is your smartphone and some free editing software to create a “Will You Marry Me” movie trailer. Ask your local theater to put it in the pre-roll before you catch the latest blockbuster.
  • Speaking of movies, there’s nothing more over-the-top than the flower-and-hearts-filled lengths Christian Grey went to win Ana’s hand in Fifty Shades Freed

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Does your S.O. crave new experiences and revel in all of life’s little twist and turns. Then, they probably want anything but a traditional proposal. These unconventional ideas will surprise and delight even the most adventurous spirits.

  • Want to make her heart soar? Book a helicopter tour and propose at 15,000 feet.
  • A city-wide scavenger hunt culminating in an engagement-ring reveal excites a love of adventure.
  • Want to really throw a curveball? Pick somewhere totally unexpected to pop the question. Whether it’s a pre-planned delightful ambush at work or a truly spontaneous, just-right random moment.

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To complement an eclectic personality, create a one-of-a-kind ring that truly speaks to your partner’s unique aesthetic. We have thousands of incredible diamonds and hundreds of settings to choose from. We can help you find the combination that will be loved forever. Use our Build Your Own Ring® tool or contact one of our Diamond Jewelry Experts any time, day or night.

Whatever way you choose to pop the question, with a little insight and the perfect engagement ring we know the moment will be one the two of you will never forget. Share your one-of-a-kind proposal with us #bluenilesparkle.

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