Exploring Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Styles

In search of a new way to sparkle? Many people are choosing lab grown diamonds for engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets earrings and more. Made here above the ground, lab diamonds are chemically and optically identical to natural ones. They don’t bring the same rarity as natural diamonds, but they are still growing in popularity thanks to lower prices per carat. If you’re considering breaking into the world of lab grown diamonds, we invite you to get started by browsing some of our newest jewelry styles that feature these gems.

About Lab Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are gemstones that are identical to natural diamonds in terms of their chemical makeup, durability and looks. The difference between lab and natural diamonds is their origin. Lab made diamonds are formed here above ground in controlled settings while natural diamonds have been formed over millions of years through natural processes deep within the earth. Depending on how lab diamonds are made, they can have unique qualities that make them perfect for jewelry.

Lab diamonds don’t have the rarity natural ones do; they can be produced endlessly at scale. This means that lab diamonds are often lower priced than natural ones. Both lab and natural diamonds include GIA reporting on their color, cut, clarity, carat and any features of note. Both lab and natural diamonds are excellent choices for jewelry.

Exploring Lab Diamond Jewelry Styles

At Blue Nile, we offer a variety of pieces featuring these new in-demand lab diamonds. With affordable prices and lasting brilliance, lab diamonds are an excellent gift for yourself or those you love. Here are some of our favorite jewelry styles that let lab created diamonds shine.

A pair of lab grown diamond earrings, such as studs, can let these lab gemstones steal the show. Lab diamond stud earrings showcase the brilliance, sparkle and other beloved qualities that make lab diamonds just as beautiful as their natural counterparts. Best yet, they’re an excellent way to treat yourself for someone you love to classic diamond styles at more affordable prices. Set in gold, our diamond stud earrings featuring lab gemstones are crafted to last. These earrings are a truly timeless choice.

Keep the gemstone-focused styles going with lab grown diamond necklaces that showcase a solitaire lab diamond as a sparkling pendant.

With 14k white gold and a four-prong setting, this necklace is a great option for enjoying the beauty of a lab grown diamond. The gem is set in a pendant style that allows light to enter the diamond from multiple directions to maximize sparkle.

For a complete set, pair your lab necklace and earrings with one of our lab grown diamond bracelets. Tennis bracelets featuring an endless row of lab diamonds are a popular option that brings classic style. A lab diamond tennis bracelet, such as this style, can bring classic looks on its own or paired with other lab diamond pieces.

Tennis bracelets have seen a resurgence in popularity and lab diamonds are a more affordable option for this fashionable accessory. With a row of lab diamonds in the iconic tennis style, it’s easy to appreciate their brilliance and durability.

Tips for Buying Lab Diamond Jewelry

When exploring our latest lab grown diamond jewelry selections, focus on choosing the style that best matches the wearer’s personality. Affordable, endlessly brilliant and durable, lab diamonds are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Just as with natural diamonds, you should consider where a lab made gem sits along the diamond 4Cs chart. We offer GIA reports for both natural and lab made diamonds to make it easier to find the right fit. Both kinds of diamonds are ideal for engagement rings, wedding jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

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