From the Sea to the Moon: Beautiful Birthstones of June

Pearl jewelry including earrings and a pendant

What’s your favorite? Lustrous pearls and deeply hued moonstones are June’s gems

If you’re a June baby, you’ve got choices!

What is the birthstone for June?

When you’re born in June, you’re lucky, because you have more than one birthstone representing, so you can have the luxury of a favorite! June’s birthstones include soft, pale pearls, smoky and mysterious moonstones or the rare and luminous alexandrite. The latter is extremely rare, but pearls and moonstones are perfect for those of you shopping for a gift of fine birthstone jewelry that’s elevated and personalized.

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5 pairs of pearl earrings

Pearl Birthstone

From ancient cultures until modern times, pearls have been treasured, and for many centuries they were considered the most valuable gem of all. The ones most sought after are also the rarest—those found naturally in oceans and fresh bodies of water—but since the early 1900s, folks figured out that they could create their own. By adding a grain of sand or a shell fragment into a living pearl oyster or freshwater mussel, they could culture their
own, and ever since, pearls have become more accessible to all.

The types of cultured pearls include Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, and Freshwater, and most of the latter are from China.

Colors & Characteristics of Pearl Birthstones

These shimmery stones are created by a concentric layering of nacre, or mother of pearl, the iridescent material that forms a smooth shell around whatever kernel is inside the mollusk. The most sought-after pearls have a beautiful, natural, creamy sheen and cast subtle, muted hues. Pearls can become a range of colors, including yellow, green, purple, black, blue, pink, silver, cream, and gray, but when it comes to quality and value, it is their luster and smoothness that determines their grade.

Pearls rate between a 2.5 and 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means they are soft enough to be easily damaged by high heat or dissolved by acidic compounds such as vinegar. So be cautious when cleaning your pearls and go lightly with a soft cloth to return them to their natural luminosity.

Pearl Birthstone Meaning

These elegant objects of beauty with a satiny sheen exude light and warmth and because they were for a long time a rare and valuable item, they’ve become a metaphor for something uncommon and valuable, as in a pearl of wisdom.

Symbols of purity and innocence, pearls have long been part of bridal tradition, and even ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the solidified tears of joy from the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

They are the classic versatile jewelry, an accessory for royalty and first ladies, including Princess Di, Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama, and high society gals such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Rihanna.

Because round natural pearls are rare, hard to find and expensive, freshwater pearls are an accessible and beautiful alternative that offers all the luster you want—the most important aspect of pearls. Learn more about pearls in our Pearl Education Guide.

So, if you have a birthday in June or are looking for the perfect gift for a June baby, check out
our collection of pearl jewelry. A necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet will be appreciated for creating an elegant classic look during any month of the year!

Moonstone ring in yellow gold

Moonstone Birthstone

The moonstone got its name from the ancient Romans, who viewed the bluish-silver diffractions that shimmered under light as solidified rays of the Moon. The gem came back into vogue among the jewelers of the Art Nouveau age for its smoky glow—a quality called adularescence, which is caused by light scattering within the mineral’s layers—moonstone was also popular during the drug-hazy 60s and 70s for the mysterious otherworldliness that the gem imparted.

Color & Characteristics of Moonstone Birthstones

Moonstone belongs to the family of abundant minerals known as feldspars, which make up roughly half of the Earth’s crust. Moonstone and its sister stones labradorite, amazonite, and sunstone are found in certain igneous rocks and other ancient crusted rocks.

The shimmering quality in the feldspar is the result of varying thicknesses of layers within the mineral: thin layers cast blue and thick layers are opaque and white, but a whole range is possible, including yellow, gray, green, blue, peach and pink. The most sought after are from Sri Lanka, which are transparent with a blue sheen and quite rare.

Moonstones are also fairly soft, though harder than pearls, rating at 6 on the Mohs scale, which means they can be vulnerable to cracking.

Moonstone Birthstone Qualities and Meaning

The otherworldly glow of moonstone is timeless, and for gift giving that’s truly magical, many special properties have been attributed to it, including the ability to spark passion and create attraction, soothe and balance energy, and protect the wearer from harm. Healing properties are purported to include the promotion of better sleep and sweeter dreams.

If you’re looking for a special birthday gift for that June girl, she’ll love the soft inner glow that shines from our petite white moonstone pendant, and if you want to seek out birthstone-related gifts for everyone, learn more in our Birthstone Jewelry Guide.


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