Yellow, Rose or White Gold? Take the Quiz and Find Your Fit

Three necklaces in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold displayed on a dark blue background.

With an alluring glow, incredible durability and easy care, gold is a popular choice for all kinds of jewelry. In fact, it’s been used in necklaces, engagement rings, earrings and other fine jewelry for centuries. While pure gold brings a yellow tone, there are many different types of gold in a variety of shades. 

So, how many types of gold are there? In the jewelry world, there are three main gold types: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. These different types of gold are created when pure gold is alloyed with additional metals to increase its durability and change its appearance. Other less popular gold types include green and black shades. 

The rose, yellow and white shades of gold are the most popular for jewelry. Ready to find your fit? Take our quiz and go for the gold that’s right for you! 

Wedding bands in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold all with diamonds.

Gold Finder Quiz

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Already have some gold jewelry? Which color is the most common in your collection?

2 / 12

How would you describe your personal style? 

3 / 12

If you’re looking to match your skin tones, what are your skin’s undertones?

4 / 12

What shade best describes your hair color?

5 / 12

What kind of gemstones do you prefer to wear? 

6 / 12

What clothing colors do you usually choose?

7 / 12

Choose a birthstone color

8 / 12

Choose an engagement ring detail

9 / 12

What style era best fits your personality?

10 / 12

Choose a diamond shape

11 / 12

Pick a jewelry staple

12 / 12

Pick a nail polish color

Now that you’ve found your fit, we invite you to explore our wide selection of gold jewelry. Each shade of gold offers its own benefits, style and price points. Many can be mixed and matched for unique looks. Visit your local Blue Nile jewelry store or shop our jewelry online to add gold’s alluring shine to your jewelry collection. 

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