Tips for Finding Personalized & Custom Jewelry

Three gold lockets with diamonds, gemstone and enamel accents.

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Whether worn close to your heart, on your ears, by your hands or wrapped around your fingers, jewelry is a personal thing. People often choose jewelry for aesthetic reasons, but many pieces can also have deeper meanings. Through customization and personalization, jewelry can have truly special significance.  

A sweet locket with a treasured photo. A ring that represents the births of your children. A pair of earrings with the exact gemstones you’ve always wanted. There are many avenues for taking a piece of jewelry and making it all your own.

We make it easy to design personalized custom jewelry online. Add a symbolic style to your jewelry wardrobe or give the perfect holiday gift with these tips for finding and designing women’s and men’s custom jewelry. 

The Difference Between Personalized Jewelry and Custom Jewelry

Showcase your individuality, your story and your style with personalized and custom jewelry pieces. 

Custom jewelry is jewelry that’s made just for you, such as pendants and earrings that you can design on your own. Many engagement rings are also custom, allowing you to pick the exact diamond, gemstone, metal and size. 

Personalized jewelry, on the other hand, takes existing pieces and tailors them to your requests. This can involve engraving, adding photos to lockets, changing chain lengths and updating gemstones to bring added symbolism to a piece of jewelry.

Both customization and personalization are popular options for finding meaningful and stylish jewelry.

Designing Custom Jewelry

We make it easy to find the custom jewelry of your dreams. You can browse our extensive collection of diamonds, lab grown diamonds and gemstones to find your fit. From there, you can choose a necklace setting, ring setting or pair of earrings in the metal and style you prefer. Our experts will then craft your unique piece of jewelry, giving you an easy path to enjoying custom jewelry.

If you’d like to have our experts create something customized even further, we offer special orders for engagement and fine jewelry styles. We can work with you one on one to create the piece of your dreams. 

Popular Custom Jewelry

Leading custom jewelry selections include necklaces, earrings and rings that can be customized to exact specifications. These pieces are available with chosen gemstones, metals and additional features that make them each a one-of-a-kind creation. 

Custom Engagement Rings

The most popular of our custom jewelry, our engagement ring settings can be tailored to specific sizes, gemstones and additional features. The result? A truly custom ring that showcases your special connection. Choose from custom women’s and men’s engagement rings

Four-Prong Earrings In 18k White Gold

White gold four prong earrings being set with round diamonds.

These four-prong white gold earrings are the perfect custom pair. They can be completed with the gemstone pair of your choosing, making for a unique set of earrings that match your exact style. Choose from diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. 

Double-Bail Solitaire Pendant Setting In 18k Yellow Gold

Design your dream pendant when you opt for this customizable solitaire diamond necklace setting. Choose the exact diamond that fits your style and budget in shapes such as pear, round, emerald, oval, Asscher, heart, princess and radiant. 

Picking Personalized Jewelry

Some things are best said with personalized rather than fully customized jewelry. Personalization is that extra touch of character given to a piece of jewelry. While not fully customized, personalized jewelry carries the same meaning. 

Engraved Engagement Rings

Photo of a smiling woman covering her face with her left hand, she is wearing a Blue Nile diamond wedding set.

You can add a special message to the inside of engravable engagement rings. Select styles can be inscribed with a message of your choosing. Popular engraving personalization include your engagement date, lyrics from a song you both enjoy or special phrases. Visit our blog for additional ring engraving ideas to help you personalize your pick 

Lovely Personalized Lockets

Rose gold heart locket close up.

Lockets are one of the most popular jewelry pieces to personalize. They can be filled with photos, handwritten notes and even special mementos like pieces of special event admission tickets or clothing. Some lockets can also be inscribed with an initial or numbers on the front, bringing additional meaning to this personalized jewelry.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Personalized or Customized Jewelry

Whether you’re buying these meaningful jewelry styles for yourself or as a gift for someone else, it’s important to keep a few shopping tips in mind. For women’s and men’s customized jewelry with bespoke designs, there may be additional production times so it’s best to get your orders completed well before the jewelry is needed. It’s also important to note that customized jewelry pieces with permanent personalization may not be eligible for returns in certain circumstances.  

Our high-quality custom and personalized jewelry pieces are popular choices for people of all ages. This jewelry is unique and truly meaningful, offering stylish self-expression for everyone. You can browse our full selection of customizable jewelry online or at one of our local jewelry stores

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