2020’s Top Jewelry Gift Trends for Every Occasion


June is a month that feels celebratory by nature. School is wrapping up. Our gardens are coming to life. The days are longer and the sun is out. This season is made for getting together with friends and family and for enjoying ourselves. At least, that’s our natural impulse as we gear up for the start of summer.

Of course, this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned tradition upside down and made it impossible (or much, much more difficult) to gather and celebrate in familiar ways. So many people have experienced hardships, including missing out on time-honored celebrations—from graduations and weddings to birthdays and other special occasions.

Happily, cities around the world are starting to re-open and we’re all figuring out how to socialize while staying safe. As we navigate this new normal, we’re hearing so many amazing stories from customers who are finding inventive ways to create meaningful moments and to celebrate love, joy and relationships in spite of the current challenges.

We’re also inspired by new reasons for festivity. The big milestones feel more important than ever—but the little moments of joy also feel so much bigger, too. So whether you’re looking for a classic gift or you’re finding a new reason to surprise someone (or to treat yourself), we’ve curated loads of beautiful fine jewelry for all of life’s brilliant moments.



The rituals, sights and sounds of a commencement ceremony are iconic. Can’t you just see (and hear) them in your mind? Picture a sea of students in their caps and gowns. The soaring and deeply inspiring commencement address. The proud families and the sweet camaraderie among fellow students and friends.

But beyond these near-cinematic reference points, there’s something even more important to commemorate—a beautiful, wide-open sense of possibility, optimism and excitement. The absence of a traditional ceremony can’t put a damper on that! Graduation is a wonderfully joyful moment, and it’s worthy of a touchstone.

For the students in your life who have missed out on a traditional commencement this year, the gift of an iconic piece of fine jewelry feels more right than ever. In the years to come, your beautiful gift will represent achievement and optimism every time they wear it. An array of classic options include everything from understated pieces for everyday wear, like a chain link bracelet or a classic diamond pendant, to designs with a pop of gemstone color, like sapphire and diamond halo earrings or an aquamarine ring with the added sparkle from a diamond halo. Consider choosing jewelry that features a birthstone, relates to school colors or that reflects your graduate’s love of nature—sapphires are like giving a piece of blue sky. How’s that for optimism!







When you want to give a gift with deep personal meaning, engravable fine jewelry is the perfect choice—and, the messaging options are endless. From nicknames and secret words, to a short line from a favorite poem, a mantra, a date or a lucky number, an engraved message is like a reassuring little whisper from you to the gift recipient. A special, heartfelt secret that travels through time and adds deeper meaning to an already thoughtful present. Whether it’s a classic gold ring for an anniversary or wedding, a locket-style bracelet or pendant or disc bracelet, Blue Nile offers an array of timeless, wear-forever styles that you can personalize to create a heartfelt gift.







As we mentioned earlier, one silver lining in the midst of this global pandemic, is a newfound appreciation for small moments of joy—a beautiful flower blooming in your garden, birdsong in the early morning, a sunset walk and talk with a good friend (at a six-foot distance, of course). And what about small but mighty acts of kindness? People who band together and grocery shop for an elderly neighbor, all of the parents trying their best to homeschool kids who can’t be in the classroom, calling a friend who’s going through a hard time. These little moments of beauty, joy and kindness deserve celebration and acknowledgement, and we can’t think of anything more appropriate than a special necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet with a riot of glorious gemstone color that brighten one’s mood and serve as a reminder to stay focused on the positive.







Ring stacking. It’s been a trend for so long that maybe we should stop referring to it as a trend. This wonderfully expressive way to wear a bevy of favorite rings is the ultimate form of accessory expression. Unlike a big statement piece of jewelry (which we also love), a stack of dainty rings is a more subtle, but equally expressive way to speak volumes without saying a word. So if you know someone who loves rings, consider gifting a piece that will add fresh meaning to their stack.





Happy gifting everyone. We hope you enjoy giving beautiful jewelry (or treating yourself).


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