The Daily Sparkle: Elise and Colby

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This week we’re celebrating the engagement of Elise and Colby.


Elise and Colby went to high school together, and Colby even tried to text Elise their freshman year. But it wasn’t until four years later that they finally went on a date. From that very first moment, things were on the fast track. A week after their first date, Colby asked Elise to be his girlfriend, and they used the L word.


While Elise knew that Colby was going to propose because the couple had discussed getting married, she didn’t know when he was going to actually get down on one knee—and as it turned out, things happened a little sooner than even Colby was intending! Although he’d put together a well orchestrated plan on how and where he would propose, he ended up popping the question one evening when a text from a friend (who knew about the proposal) started to make Elise a little curious. So, Colby ended up forgoing his original plan, ran and got the ring, and proposed to Elise in her pajamas.


One of the ways that Colby was able to keep the timing of his proposal a surprise was by ordering the engagement ring online from Blue Nile. He told Elise that he was waiting for jewelry stores to open up so that he could check out some rings—but little did she know, he actually had the ring all ready to go. How did he know what she liked? Fortunately, Elise and Colby looked at rings very early in their relationship, and he took notes and pictures of her favorite ones. “Ultimately I wanted him to pick out the final ring because I think that adds an element of beauty, surprise and romanticism to the proposal. He even had ‘Forever and Always’ engraved inside the ring which was such a special touch that I hadn’t even thought of,” said Elise.

Congratulations Elise and Colby. We loved hearing your story and are so happy for you. Here’s to a beautiful wedding and many happy years together.

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