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Hashtags are a popular tool used to organize photos, posts, videos and other content across social media. For weddings, a unique hashtag is a common way to help corral any social media activity related to your special day. Couples come up with unique hashtags that make finding, sharing and cataloging wedding posts from their family and friends easy.

If you’re involving any social media in your wedding, it’s a good idea to come up with your own wedding hashtag to help keep everything organized. In this guide, you can learn more about the benefits of wedding hashtags, how to generate them, any extra considerations for this sharing tool and wedding hashtag ideas. 

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What are Wedding Hashtags?

A wedding hashtag is a word or phrase that’s used on social media to accompany posts related to a specific wedding. It’s preceded by the # symbol and is usually used in the captions for images and videos on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter/X. 

Wedding hashtags are easy ways to gather, organize, save and share photos, videos and other digital memories of your wedding celebrations. They’re also ideal for helping your family and friends feel truly included in your special day, allowing guests and loved ones who couldn’t attend to follow the festivities easily online. 

How Wedding Hashtags Work

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Hashtags for weddings work by allowing the couple, guests and loved ones from around the world to share, view and save media all about the wedding. People can use the hashtag to tag their candid photos from the ceremony, selfies with the bride, videos of the first dance, snippets of the wedding planning process and any other posts. Think of it as a photo album that everyone can see and add to, all on their own. Wedding hashtags allow guests and loved ones to easily share their special moments surrounding the wedding. 

Wedding hashtags should be unique for each couple, helping to ensure that only relevant posts use the hashtag. So instead of having a general #SmithWedding hashtag, it’s best to personalize it with the year and location, such as #SmithWeddingCancun25.

Elements of Wedding Hashtags

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To choose your wedding hashtag, consider the key elements of where you’re getting married, whether you’ll both have the same last name after the wedding, when you’re getting married and any personalized components you’d like to include.

A good wedding hashtag should include at least a few of the following components: 

  1. Memorability. It should be easy to remember and fun to say. 
  2. Personalization. A personalized wedding hashtag is crucial to ensure it doesn’t get mixed up with other posts. 
  3. Simple spelling. Avoid hashtags that are easy to misspell.  
  4. Not oversharing. You’ll want your hashtag to be specific to your wedding, but you need to remember that the hashtag is online for anyone to see. Make sure it doesn’t have any sensitive information.  

You can start finding your perfect hashtag by identifying what words or phrases you want associated with your wedding. Your names, the year and the location of your wedding are always a great start. Any other details like nicknames, your first dance song or an inside joke between you and your partner can make for fun hashtags. 

If you’ll both have the same last name after your wedding, it’s common to choose a hashtag that uses that shared last name with added details like the year or the city in which you’re getting married. 

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No matter which theme you choose for your wedding hashtag, it’s important to choose something everyone can easily type during the fun of your wedding. Think short, sweet and catchy. Many couples choose to include puns and numbers to set their hashtags apart. 

How to Pick a Wedding Hashtag

You can create your wedding hashtag by combining you and your partner’s names, using your last names, referencing inside jokes or even your first dance song. Any small phrase or word that encapsulates some of your favorite elements of your upcoming wedding serves as a great wedding hashtag.

Be sure to add personalization to your hashtag, such as the wedding location or year, so that it doesn’t get mixed up with posts of other weddings online. 

Once you’ve settled on a hashtag, search it on social media to make sure it hasn’t already been used. If posts already exist for your hashtag, consider adding the first initial of each of your first names or wedding year to set your hashtag apart. 

Once you’ve chosen your wedding hashtag, you simply need to let your guests know. Signs at the wedding, notes on your invitation or a special line on your wedding program are popular ways to let attendees know what your hashtag is. From there, guests will add your hashtag to any of their posts about your wedding, making it easy for you to find their memories later on.

Using a Wedding Hashtag Generator

There are wedding hashtag generators online that can help simplify your hashtag creation. These generators consider the main elements of a wedding hashtag, such as your names, where you’re getting married and the year of your ceremony. While these wedding hashtag generators can be a great starting point, you may want to add more personalization or creativity to your tag. 

Questions and Answers About Wedding Hashtags

A wedding hashtag is a phrase or word on social media that’s used to accompany posts about a specific wedding. These hashtags have the # at their start and are used on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter/X. Public posts with the wedding hashtag can be viewed by anyone online and are a great way for organizing crowdsourced photos, videos and other memories from weddings. 

When a unique hashtag is used for public posts related to your wedding, you can view those posts by searching your wedding hashtag on social media. Typically, wedding guests will use your designated hashtag on their posts, making it easy for you to find them. 

While wedding hashtags are not required, they are a popular way for couples to bring their celebrations to social media. Today, most weddings have hashtags. 

Wedding hashtags have many benefits. They cost nothing to implement and they can help you collect wedding photos, videos and other memories from your guests with ease. A wedding hashtag also makes it possible for loved ones to feel connected to your special day, even if they couldn’t attend the wedding.

Yes, wedding hashtags are still popular today. They’re useful for making guests feel included, compiling wedding day posts and helping create a sense of community around your wedding. Loved ones far and wide can help celebrate your special day with the aid of a wedding hashtag. 

There are some considerations to keep in mind when using hashtags for your wedding. First, these tags are public so any posts from profiles that are not private can be seen by anyone. Additionally, not everyone has social media, so hashtags shouldn’t be your only way of getting memories from your wedding. You should still rely on photographers and videographers to capture your special day professionally. 

Tips for Wedding Hashtags

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When developing and using wedding hashtags, keep the following tips in mind: 

  1. Choose something unique to your wedding. 
  2. Have fun with your hashtag, adding personal elements or even puns. 
  3. Use your first names, initials, wedding city or wedding year to make a hashtag more unique.  
  4. Capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtag so it’s easier to understand. 
  5. Search your hashtag before using it to make sure it’s unique to your wedding. If that hashtag is already in use, you can add your wedding year, wedding city or the first initials of you and your partner’s names to personalize the hashtag further.  
  6. Make sure your guests know about your hashtag. You can use signs, info on your wedding invitations or details on your wedding day program to help. 
  7. Don’t put any sensitive information in your wedding hashtag.  

Wedding hashtags are a fun and free way to help your loved ones enjoy your wedding on social media. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding, an elopement wedding, a courthouse wedding or even a commitment ceremony, a hashtag can help you document and remember your special day.  

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