Photo of a bride and groom’s hands on their wedding day, they are each wearing their wedding rings. 
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Your Guide to Popular Wedding Ring Styles

Get tips for choosing between today’s most popular designs and wedding ring styles to find the band that matches your tastes and budget.

Married couple celebrating with confetti on their vow renewal day.
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The Guide to Vow Renewals

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies are popular celebrations for honoring continued love and commitment.

Paper sign pointing to a wedding reception. 
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Guide to Wedding Hashtags

Looking for the perfect wedding hashtag? Explore these tips for finding the right hashtag for your celebrations.

Bride and groom smiling in their car after their courthouse wedding.
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Tips for a Memorable Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings are affordable, romantic and perfect for many couples. Learn more about how to plan a truly unforgettable courthouse wedding.

Bride and groom smiling as they walk together through the streets of Paris following their elopement.
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What to Know About Elopement Weddings

Many couples choose to tie the knot in private elopement ceremonies. Learn more about these kinds of weddings, how to elope and what to keep in mind.

Couple sitting together overlooking the city after their commitment ceremony.
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Celebrating Love with a Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies may not be legally binding, but they’re a great fit for many couples looking to showcase their love. Learn more about these celebrations.

Photo of a bride and groom sitting next to each other with their hands touching, their faces are not visible.
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Choosing Wedding Nails

Pick the perfect polish, nail shape and added designs with these tips and tricks for bridal nails.

Bride smiling on her wedding day with pearl jewelry and a tennis bracelet.
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Updated Traditions for Weddings

Turn something old into something new with these updated takes on many classic wedding traditions.