The Daily Sparkle: A Gift for Stephanie

Stephanie’s wedding is postponed (for six months!) and she hasn’t been able to visit her family since the quarantine started. Despite the challenging circumstances, her parents created a special moment by giving her a stunning pair of diamond stud earrings as a symbol of love to wear on her special day.

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Welcome to our next story featuring Stephanie and a beautiful moment involving an incredible milestone gift from her parents.


“My mom and dad truly created a moment of joy for me. They surprised me with Blue Nile diamond earrings for my wedding present to wear on my wedding day. Due to the pandemic, I postponed my wedding by 6 months, but they decided to turn a moment of letdown into a moment of joy.”


“I’m so thankful for the day my parents gifted me my Blue Nile earrings. With my fiancé being an essential worker, I do not want to chance going near my parents; therefore, that was the last day I’ve spent time with my parents since the quarantine started. Additionally, my dad always gave my mom and me jewelry as I grew up. The connection and sentimental value I have for the jewelry my parents have given me is indescribable, but these earrings were different. To me, the gift symbolized that my parents were giving me away to my fiancé. It’s difficult to put the emotions into words, but jewelry has been given for all milestones in my life. My wedding will be the last milestone because then my husband and I will start our own traditions. The moment brought a realization that time is moving quickly, but it also brought a moment of appreciation for how my parents have prepared me for this next chapter in my life. I owe them everything. I knew my parents felt the same. Not through verbal confirmation, but through emotional connection. I’ve never seen my dad cry, and it’s hard to make my mom cry, but when they were watching me open the earrings [on FaceTime], they both were wiping tears from their eyes.”

18k White Gold Diamond Earrings


“Our daughter has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl. My wife and I wanted to give our daughter the earrings as a symbol of our love to wear on her special day. Our daughter appreciates any gift, but her reaction to the earrings was truly a joy to watch. I think she screamed.”

Now, we’re crying. Seriously, this is such a wonderful moment. A big thank you to Stephanie and her parents for sharing their story with us. And best wishes with your future wedding. We wish you all the best!

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