The Daily Sparkle: Reminders of Love

Welcome to The Daily Sparkle where we are sharing heartfelt stories from our customers about the enduring power of love. Got a story of your own? We’d love to hear from you. Email and we might just feature you in our next post.

It’s the little things: Petite Gold Hoop Earrings

“These Little Gold Hoops Are a Happy Reminder of Love.”

“I received my gold hoop earrings as a birthday present from my siblings. They quickly became my favorite earrings because they’re simple and elegant and remind me of my family—I’m an ICU nurse in NYC and work has been very overwhelming, scary and sad. These little gold hoops are a happy reminder of love.” —Bridget

A piece with new meaning: Geometric Cuff Sterling Bracelet

“A Reminder to Give for the Sake of Giving.”

“Just before our state issued stay-at-home orders, I bought my daughter a bracelet from Blue Nile. She doesn’t wear it all the time because it’s easier to wash your hands without anything on. So, it hangs on my jewelry tree atop my chest of drawers. Multiple times per day I find myself glancing at it…Now the bracelet has taken on a different meaning. It’s a reminder to be responsible so we can all get back to that place in all of our lives. A reminder to give for the sake of giving and to be thankful for those you have to give to, to spread joy to, just to see them light up.” —Amanda

Adding extra sparkle: Ribbon Profile Diamond Eternity Band

“Giving a Gift to Someone You Truly Love is a Gift Unto Itself.”

“I’m a frequent customer of Blue Nile, and I recently purchased an amazing solitaire engagement a few months ago to propose to my wife. I knew the next gift would be an eternity ring to accompany and bring even more attention and sparkle to her finger…

I placed the order and within two business days the gift had arrived. So, now I needed to set the mood. I decided to make it an extra special day by preparing her favorite dinner: Duck à l’Orange with of course, Champagne. The mood was set, and the night was perfect to present a gift that would add that extra attention to an already fabulous engagement ring. Giving a gift to someone you truly love is a gift unto itself as you see the pleasure it brings that person as their face lights up with total delight. There is no reason not to give everything to that one person that makes you a better person in this life.” —John

A lovely reminder: Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring

“A Reflection of Love, Even if He is Not Here.”

“My story is rather non-traditional. Several years ago when my fiancé Jamie proposed, after months and months of searching, researching and agonizing, he finally bought a beautiful diamond from Blue Nile. I still have pictures of the day it arrived, almost exactly 5 years ago. Jamie bought me a pair of diamonds to mount as earrings a few years ago as well. Since that time I have also purchased a number of things from Blue Nile—the necklace we gave our daughter for her graduation from nursing school, the pearls I wore to her wedding, and the matching necklaces that my sisters and I wear every day.

The most recent purchase was one I bought for myself, a Riviera Pavé diamond band. Jamie passed away on December 25th last year and I knew that while I wouldn’t always be wearing the diamond he gave me, I wanted something I could wear every day to remember him by. I watched your site for months trying to find the right ring. I could not be happier with my choice! The ring is prettier than I expected and each time I see it, I think of Jamie. To me it will always be a reflection of love, even if he is not here…” —Kari

A symbol of love: Channel Set Diamond Ring

“It’s Devotion, Love, Kindness and Commitment…That Really Matters.”

“We got all three rings (engagement, and both his-and-hers wedding bands) from Blue Nile and couldn’t be happier. We LOVE the rings! We’re impressed with the service we received and looking forward to adding to our jewelry collection with Blue Nile throughout our marriage. Our upcoming wedding in June is canceled, but we will be eloping. Happy to send photos with our rings then. Devastated our wedding is canceled, but our rings will serve as a reminder that it’s not about “the wedding,” but rather it’s our devotion, love, kindness and commitment to each other for the rest of our lives that really matters.” —Kristine

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