Beautiful Jewelry for Your Next Video Call


It’s no overstatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. More people are enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from home, while families and friendship circles are preferring to stay in touch and celebrate special events virtually. This means video calls are set to become a larger part of our lives going forward. But with all this time “on-screen”, are we feeling ready for our close-ups?


From clothing to lighting and make-up, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to putting your best face forward on video. Choosing the right jewelry can have a big impact on your overall look.


In this article, we’ll equip you with the tools to make chic jewelry choices for your next video call, regardless of whether it’s a job interview, a team meeting, or a virtual wedding you’re attending.

Presenting your best self on video calls

Why let your beautiful selection of clothes and jewelry collect dust? For many of us, the best way to feel “normal” during these challenging times is to continue to present ourselves as we normally would to the outside world.


Although it might be tempting to show up to your video call in an old t-shirt and sweatpants, first consider whether you would do that in-person. Looking polished and fresh has a big impact on how you feel, which is why so many people are choosing to treat their video calls much like they would their real-life interactions.


After all, a set of sparkling earrings or a statement necklace could go a long way in setting the tone for not only your video call but for the rest of your day.

Choose webcam-friendly jewelry to match the occasion

The first step is to think about which jewelry will work best for your call. What you wear is a completely personal choice, but here are some of our favorite pieces for different occasions.

Jewelry for online meetings

If you have a client call or a job interview lined up, you’ll probably want to choose jewelry that makes you feel confident. Take your cue from the industry you work in — would colorful statement necklaces and earrings match the tone of the meeting, or should you play it safe in something more understated?


Working with your personal style, select some pieces of jewelry that complement your corporate attire. If your work wardrobe is mostly, black and white, you won’t be limited by colors. Here are some pieces to consider for professional calls:


Subtle Earrings: Frame your face with a hint of sparkle




A pair of well-chosen earrings can frame your face beautifully on video calls. Unless you work in a more creative industry, the best types of earrings for professional calls are likely to be smaller pieces that add a glint of sparkle without taking over the screen.


Our top picks are small hoop earrings, which can be classic gold or silver, or channel-set with diamonds. We also love medium-sized studs for work calls. Very small studs can get lost on camera, so a slightly larger pair featuring lab-grown diamonds, are perfect for adding some color and shimmer to your look.


Pearl earrings are another classic choice for job interviews or professional meetings. For something understated, go for simple pearl studs, or to turn up the shine, opt for pearl earrings set into a halo of precious stones or pearl drop earrings.


Delicate Necklaces: Add some tasteful shimmer

Regardless of whether you’re wearing a business shirt with just a glimpse of your collar bone, or an open-neck style with more of your chest revealed, a delicate necklace can add some subtle shimmer to your video calls.


Start by choosing a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum that complements your style and skin-tone, then add a small pendant as a point of interest. This could be a heart pendant that sits nicely in your collarbone, a cross necklace with petite pavé-set diamonds, or a vertical bar that sits slightly lower down your chest.


Jewelry for Men: For understated elegance

Men can also up their video-call game with some carefully chosen pieces of jewelry. There are of course no hard and fast rules, but some pieces to consider include a classic men’s chain in gold or silver, a railroad link bracelet (for the fellow who talks with his hands), or some stylish cufflinks in stainless steel or sterling silver.

Jewelry for video dates

2020 brought us many twists and turns, and one of the more interesting was the way it changed online dating. Those looking for love have traded in wining and dining in restaurants for video dates from the comfort of their own homes. And while it’s nice to not have to don a pair of heels or dress shoes for the night, you’re probably still making an effort to look nice waist-up.


If you’re hoping to meet the partner of your dreams online, why not let your jewelry do at least some of the talking for you? Here are our top picks for romantic jewelry for your next Zoom date:


Unique Necklaces: Let your personality shine

In the world of online dating, we all want to feel special, but standing out from the crowd can sometimes be a challenge. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to choosing jewelry for your Zoom dates, but if you’re looking to do something a bit different, a necklace that inspires interesting conversation could be a nice touch.

Birthstone necklaces are effortlessly eye-catching and give your date a glimpse into your true self. We also love pendants or station-style gemstone necklaces set in your choice of precious metal.


If you’re looking to reveal even more of your individuality, a locket carrying something sentimental to you is also a good option. For video, it may be a good idea to choose a locket with embellishments or a jewel on the outside to capture your date’s attention.


Elegant Earrings: Show off your style


An online date is a great time to have fun with your jewelry and give a glimpse into your personal style, especially when your whole outfit isn’t visible. Brighten up your video call with a set of earrings that flatter your clothing and skin tone.


While there are no strict rules, our favorites for a modern look are drop hoop earrings decorated with either a small pearl or gemstone, or huggie hoops embellished with diamonds.


If you’re feeling bolder, a pair of drop earrings with interesting details such as mixed metals or gemstone shapes could help you turn up the heat for your next video date.


Earrings for Men: Present a polished look


Men of all ages are choosing to develop their personal style and be bolder with their look, and what better place to be your best self but an online video date?


Regardless of whether it’s one pierced ear or two, small hoops or studs in gold or silver are a popular choice. If you really want to dazzle your date, a pair of classic diamond studs are sure to have the desired effect.


Jewelry for online special events

Whether it’s graduation time or your cousin’s virtual wedding, there are some video calls that will require something extra special.


With so many events postponed or canceled in 2020, you’re probably missing the feeling of getting all dressed up, so why not go all out? Here are some of our recommendations for jewelry to suit any special occasion:


Shimmering Diamonds: Get your sparkle on

There’s nothing quite like diamonds, which is why they’re a beloved choice for all kinds of formal occasions. Accessorize to impress with a pair of dazzling diamond earrings or a diamond solitaire pendant to bring glamour to any online affair.


When picking out a diamond necklace, you’ll need to consider the neckline of the dress or shirt you’re wearing. For V-shaped or lower necklines, a diamond chevron necklace could add some interest and frame the face nicely.


Those wearing tops with higher necklines might consider a pendant in an emerald, princess or cushion cut, or three-stone drop pendant. If you’ve got a clear idea of what you’d like, Blue Nile’s Build Your Own Diamond Pendant® service could help you see your vision brought to life.


For earrings, consider whether silver or gold works best with your outfit and coloring, and then think about the style you’d like to wear. If you’re a fan of hoops, a pair of diamond eternity earrings adorned with pavé-set diamonds could add some drama to your next video event.


Pearl Jewelry: For classic elegance

Pearls are timeless and distinctive, and thanks to their size, they also show up well on video.


As far as necklaces go, you’ll have three main options to choose from: pearl strand, pendants,, or station necklaces. If you can’t decide, simply think about how your necklace will appear on camera against your skin-tone, with your clothing, and with your hair and makeup.


If you’re going for a bolder look, the darker hues of Tahitian pearls could also help to elevate your look.

It’s the same story with pearl earrings, although those wanting to achieve a more striking appearance may consider pearl drop earrings. Oftentimes these will come dressed with smaller diamonds for some added sparkle.


Video call style: Matching your jewelry to your outfit

With color, necklines, and layering to consider, here are our best tips for coordinating your jewelry with your video call wardrobe:


Consider your neckline: Sweetheart, scoop, square, and crew neck shirts are the most versatile. Pair this neckline with simple pendants, chokers, or any other necklaces. Chain necklaces look great with a trendy turtleneck sweater and buttoned blouses, and if you’re wearing something strapless or with a deep V, balance it out with a statement necklace that will look great on camera.


Choose colors that complement: While monochromatic outfits are a chic choice, jewelry that’s the same color as your shirt may not have high visibility on video calls. Contrasting the color of your top with your jewelry may be a better option so that both elements of your style have their chance to shine.


Don’t go overboard: While it can be tempting to embellish yourself with bold jewelry to go with a bold outfit, you could be at risk of appearing over-the-top on video. Instead, select flashy jewelry to go with basic tops and simple jewelry to go with more decorated items of clothing. If you’re wearing a white linen shirt, feel free to get creative with your earring choice if it’s appropriate.


Blue Nile’s top picks for ‘Zoom-worthy’ jewelry

Thanks to their visibility on video calls, zoom-worthy pieces have seen a surge in popularity since the start of the pandemic. With that in mind, we’ve picked out some pieces that really stand out on camera.


Layered necklaces

Don’t be so quick to dismiss your dainty necklaces, especially since they’re universally flattering and complement almost every outfit. If you’re having trouble deciding on just one, why not try a layered look? Choose different lengths, metals, and pendants for a modern twist, but also to reduce the chance of the thin chains appearing too faint on your video call. Pendant necklaces also frame the face nicely, so it’s a win-win.


Drop earrings

When your outfit is feeling a little bit unexciting, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of reaching for a pair of eye-catching drop earrings to add a bit of oomph. Hair up or down, drop earrings for women present well on video calls and are also a quick way to appear more dressed up. Pick out a pair of beautiful pearl drop earrings for a work call, or opt for diamond drop earrings for an online charity gala.


Statement necklaces

Take your cue from TV. Television presenters tend to wear statement necklaces and bold colors to create a presence and draw attention away from distracting backgrounds. If you’d really like to draw some eyes the next time you sit down for a video meeting, an oversized emerald-cut pendant or a multi-strand pearl necklace could create the subtle drama you’re looking for.


Decorative hoops

Hoop earrings radiate that effortless charm, and thanks to their size, typically work well on video calls. Add a bit of flair to your look by opting for a more decorative pair with twisted or textured detailing. Consider hoops set with diamonds for more formal occasions.

Jewelry mistakes to avoid before your next video call

The jewelry you choose to wear is as unique as you, but here are a few things to consider which could affect your look:


Consider your skin tone

The first step to picking out the best jewelry for video calls is understanding your skin tone. Are you warm, cool, or neutral based? Is your skin tone fair or deep? For the best chance at your pieces popping on camera, you’ll want to choose necklaces and earrings that complement your skin tone. While a dainty gold necklace looks great on almost everyone in-person, it may not be very clear on camera for those with warm, tanned skin. You could explore silver accessories as an alternative.


Think about the jewelry finish

Some people opt for matte accessories with clean lines while others prefer shiny metals and dazzling gems. When thinking about jewelry that will look best on your next video call, it’s important to consider how your webcam or phone will pick up on your chosen finish. And while diamonds are cut to reflect the light, if you’re sitting in direct sunlight, you run the risk of your jewelry appearing overexposed by a low-quality camera.


Keep your mic in mind


Given that you’re most likely going to have to unmute your laptop mic at some point, it’s probably best to be considerate about where your speaker is and how your jewelry might muffle the audio. With corded headphones, the receiver will probably sit near your chest, so a simple necklace without too many embellishments should help you avoid any problems. If you’re relying on your laptop’s microphone, swap out noisy bangles for a simple bracelet that won’t cause too much distraction.


Don’t forget about lighting

As a general rule of thumb, the better the lighting in your room, the more your jewelry will pop on video. If you don’t have good natural light in your house, think about supplementing with overhead lighting or lamps; don’t be afraid to bring out a ring light if you have one. If your video calls are still reading as dimly lit, the silver lining is that you can compensate with bolder jewelry pieces that have a better chance of being seen.


Lights, Camera, Action

Choosing the right jewelry for your next video call doesn’t have to be complicated. By considering a few basic things like the type of call you’re joining, your own personal style, and the outfit you plan to wear, you are sure to find some “Zoom-friendly” jewelry that’s set to dazzle.

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