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Five engagement rings including white gold, rose gold and platinum rings with diamonds.

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Getting engaged is a memorable moment that is often marked by a ring. Whether you received an heirloom ring, a gemstone ring, a unique nontraditional style or a classic diamond design, your ring represents a special bond between you and your partner. 

While your ring represents your commitment to your partner, it may not represent your current style. As a symbolic jewelry piece that’s worn daily, it’s crucial that you feel connected to the design of your engagement ring. Because of this, many people are choosing to upgrade their engagement rings by opting for rings that feel more in-line with their current lifestyles, budgets, tastes and milestones.

If you look down at your engagement ring and feel like it doesn’t resonate with your current style, you may be wondering how to go about updating it. Read our guide to upgrading engagement rings to learn more about choosing your dream ring after you’re already engaged or married. 

When to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Every relationship is unique, and there are many personal reasons you may be looking to upgrade your engagement ring. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your partner to decide when it’s the right time for an engagement ring upgrade. But there are many popular reasons that people choose to change up their rings, including: 

  1. Vow renewals 
  2. Changing ring tastes 
  3. Anniversaries  
  4. Better matching to a wedding band  
  5. Milestones in life  
  6. Lifestyle changes 
  7. New ring budgets later in life 

As jewelry technology continues to advance, many people are looking to upgrade their older engagement rings with new gems and designs. Updated diamond cutting techniques have increased the availability of high-quality natural diamonds, while new processes have also allowed for the development of jewelry-quality lab diamonds

Additionally, some people look to change their engagement ring design even before they exchange wedding rings. This may be to match tastes better, such as adding or removing design elements of the ring to more accurately fit your personal style

How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

There are many approaches to upgrading your engagement ring, from small adjustments to entirely new jewelry. It’s best to make your engagement ring upgrade by choosing the updates that fit your style and your budget. 

Starting Fresh

If you’re looking for an entirely new ring design, it may be best to start fresh with a brand-new ring. This is a popular choice for people who are looking to switch up several elements of their ring. 

For this kind of upgrade, it’s best to start by browsing our most popular styles such designer engagement rings, toi et moi rings, men’s engagement rings and vintage-inspired engagement rings. We offer many different styles to match any design and budget 

Reworking Your Existing Gemstones

Sometimes, an engagement ring upgrade involves changing the design but keeping the original diamonds or gemstones. This is especially popular for people working with an heirloom gem. 

Three gemstone engagement rings with diamonds.

Placing your existing gems in a new ring can revamp their appearance, bringing new energy to your favorite stones. You can remove a halo setting, change the orientation of how your gems are set, add prongs, remove prongs, change the metal your gems are set in and so much more when you move your diamonds and gemstones in a new engagement setting. 

This approach allows you to enjoy a brand-new looking ring while keeping your current gems in focus. It’s an excellent option for managing heirloom diamonds and family gemstones that you’d like to keep in your jewelry rotation. 

Adding New Gems or Diamonds

A few new gemstones can also help upgrade your engagement ring. You can easily turn your current ring into a modern halo engagement ring, a symbolic three-stone engagement ring or a brilliant sidestone engagement ring with additional diamonds and gems. You can also choose a different diamond shape, instantly transforming your ring into something that feels new. 

For this kind of ring update, the most noticeable upgrade is to change your current diamond for one that’s higher quality. A larger, clearer or more brilliant diamond can bring a new look to your ring. With our diamond upgrade program, it’s easy to make the switch to the diamond of your dreams. 

Top Questions and Answers About Upgrading Engagement Rings

Engagement ring upgrades are increasingly popular. Today, many people enjoy bringing new styles to their wedding sets with anniversary band or engagement ring updates. 

The best way to modernize an engagement ring is to update its setting to a trendier style. This can include updating the metal color, upgrading the main gem, changing the diamond setting orientation and adding accent gems. 

Depending on the meaning behind your setting, it can be entirely acceptable to change it. If your partner has purchased your ring for you, it may be wise to have a discussion with them before updating the ring to help them understand your choice. 

There’s no specific timeframe for when it’s best to upgrade your ring. Instead, it’s all about choosing a time that’s right for you and your partner. That being said, many people choose to upgrade their engagement ring when they renew their vows or have a milestone anniversary. 

As with all choices in a relationship, communication is key. If your partner purchased your ring, it’s important to have a conversation with them before you upgrade your engagement ring. You should let them know that you love and appreciate the symbolism of your original ring, but you are looking for a ring that better reflects your current style. Wanting to upgrade your ring does not negate your commitment to your partner, but rather it refreshes the symbolic token you wear to showcase your love. 

People upgrade their engagement rings for many different reasons. Some people choose a new ring because their styles have changed. Others opt to alter their existing ring to incorporate new elements or gemstones. Ultimately, it is a personal decision that both partners should discuss. 

Expert Help for Engagement Ring Upgrades

Stack of three men’s engagement rings with diamonds and white gold.

Our experts are available to help you choose the perfect ring upgrade. Contact us or visit your local Blue Nile jewelry store to get started! 

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